Sourcetree Git Ssh

Sourcetree Git Ssh
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Sourcetree Git Add Ssh Key

This works if you authenticate using a public/private key pair:

Sourcetree Git Ssh Free

  • Open Sourcetree and go to 'Tools > Create or Import SSH Keys' (this will open a PuTTY Key Generator window), Set the number of bits in a generated key to 2048 and click on 'Generate'.

  • Once generated go to git server panel and navigate to 'My account > Profile > SSH Keys' and click 'Add a public key'.

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  • Copy the generated public key from the 'PuTTY Key Generator' window ('Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file:') to git panel and save it.

  • In the 'PuTTY Key Generator' window enter a 'Key passphrase' and 'Confirm passphrase' and click 'Save private key' and Public Key (for other uses too). Make sure to save it somewhere where you can find it again.

  • Close the 'PuTTY Key Generator' window and in SourceTree go to 'Tools > Launch SSH Agent (Pageant)'. You should be able to select your private key file here. (the one you just saved), Enter the passphrase and you're done.

Sourcetree Git Ssh

Sourcetree is a user interface on top of the Git command line interface. It’s a great way to start learning Git. It helps by doing the following: Displaying a visual representation of your Git Repository, both local and remote. SourceTree配置ssh key 一、使用 git 客户的生成公私钥:idrsa、 1、设置Git的user name和email $ git config -global 'xxx' $ git config -global '[email protected]' 2、检查是不是已经存在密钥(能进去说明已经存在,就删掉文件夹,重新创建): cd /.ssh.

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Sourcetree Git Download

Now try pushing!