Sourcetree External Merge Tool

I am having an issue with source tree. I have a conflict in my merge, and tried to run kdiff3. For some reason it is not work with the new sourcetree. This is my source tree config this is what di. We use SourceTree as well, and it’s great for diffing your changes. But it doesn’t do merge conflict resolution, so you’ll still need DiffMerge, Kaleidoscope, or another merge tool for that. The SourceTree Options dialog includes a section for configuring your diff tool, and WinMerge is one of the preset options. If the tool is not launching, it's possible that a local git config file is overriding the global difftool/mergetool preferences. Ivan Woehr Sep 18, 2017 I. I recently started using Sourcetree and noticed merging files is tricky until I stumbled upon the various visual merge tools. Which one is Press J to jump to the feed.

This article was updated for Visual Studio 2017.

Today, a short note on how to set up Visual Studio as a diif and merge tool in SourceTree and Git client. It’s not commonly known that this IDE may be used for resolving merge conflicts, but as you’ll see it’s very simple to set up.

SourceTree config

First, open up the options window and go to Diff tab.

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Sourcetree Set External Merge Tool

Change both External Diff Tool and Merge Tool to Custom. In the Diff Command field enter the full path to the vsdiffmerge.exe. For VS 2015 and below you can find it in the Visual Studio installation folder, under Common7IDE subfolder. Visual Studio 2017 has it slightly more hidden. Look under Common7IDECommonExtensionsMicrosoftTeamFoundationTeam Explorer.

As for the arguments fields, type in the following:

Diff tool: '$LOCAL' '$REMOTE' 'Source' 'Target' //t
Merge tool: '$LOCAL' '$REMOTE' '$BASE' '$MERGED' //m

Click OK, and And that’s it! Now whenever a merge conflict occurs, you’ll be able to resolve it using Visual Studio.

The only downside I found is that vsdifftool may take quite some time to start up. But if you don’t close it after diffing each file, it’ll work like a charm.

Sourcetree External Merge Tool

Sourcetree External Merge Tool

Commandline Git config

By saving these settings in SourceTree, your .gitconfig file is updated with two entries: [difftool “sourcetree”] and [mergetool “sourcetree”]. In my case it looks like the following:

cmd='C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/Common7/IDE/vsdiffmerge.exe'$LOCAL$REMOTE Source Target//t
cmd='C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/Common7/IDE/vsdiffmerge.exe'$LOCAL$REMOTE$BASE$MERGED//m

You can now use these to tell the commandline Git to use these when viewing a diff or merging. It’s as simple as executing two git commands:

git config --global diff.tool sourcetree
git config --global merge.tool sourcetree

Now, git difftool and git merge commands will launch Visual Studio.

Sourcetree External Merge Tool

Sourcetree Merge Conflict

Doing so is of course perfectly possible even without SourceTree. Just add the difftool and mergetool entries to your .gitconfig file (it should be located in your home folder) and execute the two git config commands shown above.