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This post discusses an issue I had with Atlassian’s SourceTree software and my firewall. I originally thought that SourceTree was just slow and didn’t work well on Windows, but I recently found out it was actually my anti-virus / firewall that was causing the issues.

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Faulting application name: SourceTree.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x56f18db8 Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp. You can actually make sourcetree to stop tracking remote branch, in that way the numbers will disappear. Right click on the local branches to do that. – orb Sep 17 '15 at 2:03 @orb I came here looking for a solution to 'how do I get all tracking branches up to date before I go offline for a period'.

  • Today we are deprecating a Sourcetree-specific portion of the Atlassian Account sign-in API and it will be unreachable after 16 Oct 2019. One year ago we shipped an all-new onboarding experience in 3.0 for both Mac and Windows powered by a Bitbucket login in your default browser.
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  • Get an overview of version control and the role that Sourcetree plays. Find how to pull, commit and push, create and push, and merge using.

Atlassian—Use ‘Em

First, I’m going to step back a bit because I think the Atlassian suite of products is fantastic and I want to share it. 🙂 I started using them back in January of this year for my development projects. The company I was working at had a small development team (under 10 users). Their pricing scheme is $10 for the first 10 users of a product and that meant that we could use just about all of their software for under $100! Great for small teams and projects. We used JIRA extensively and intended to move from our SVN repos to a git system based on the “git-flow” branching model.

The Problem

This ultimately led me to SourceTree. I’ve used git for a long time at home, but mainly through the git bash console on Windows. I tried SourceTree when I first started using the Atlassian products, but it was unbearably slow. It would freeze for several seconds while doing the most basic things (i.e. viewing a diff, staging a file, switching between the branch view and working copy, and so on). I had originally assumed that this was just an issue with the product and decided to check in at a later date.

Well, I came across this post again recently and decided I would load up SourceTree and see if anything had changed.



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“Ok, so it’s still slow. That sucks. Maybe I’ll just try it out anyways…”

So, I started using it with git-flow on some of the projects I’m working on. I also started using Stash as a central place to manage my git repositories. Naturally, it works well with SourceTree since they’re both Atlassian products. Great! If only SourceTree wasn’t so slow….

Slow SourceTree: The Fix

Ok, so I had Stash and SourceTree installed on the same computer and they were working fine and talking to one another. I wanted to add my laptop to the mix so I could work on the go. I installed SourceTree and attempted to connect it to Stash. No dice. My firewall, Comodo, was blocking it despite the fact that I had set up rules for the port and the program itself. I spent an hour tweaking the settings and decided that, if it wasn’t going to let me use my programs or give me a way of troubleshooting why it was blocking it, I wasn’t going to use it anymore. I’ve used Comodo for years and even after their last major update (which was a step back, in my opinion), I stuck with them.

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So, I went on the hunt for a new Firewall and found Privatefirewall which seemed promising, but caused my computer to freeze on boot. I then settled on Online Armor. It doesn’t have the full-featured anti-virus that Comodo has but it’s simple, efficient, and, most importantly, it works!

Sourcetree Download Mac

New firewall. Check! External connections to Stash. Check! And, lo-and-behold, SourceTree is no longer slow! I don’t know if it had something to do with how Comodo was scanning it with the AV or something related to the broken firewall, but now it works and works fast.

I thought I’d share this since I know many other users are experiencing slow-downs with SourceTree. A quick Google search for “sourcetree slow windows” finds six questions on the Atlassian Q&A site. All of which were not helpful for me.

Are you experiencing it going slowly? P59 war thunder. Did this help? Did you do something else that made it faster? Drop a comment and let me know.