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Using LabVIEW's diff tool with SourceTree Our team is using BitBucket for source code control and the SourceTree app for Windows to interface with our repositories. We've had a couple of small hurdles getting SourceTree to integrate with the LabVIEW diff tool, but here's a solution that's worked for us. Git config diff.localizablestrings.textconv 'iconv -f utf-16 -t utf-8' git config diff.localizablestrings.binary false The git repository above contains a.gitattributes files which properly mark.strings as localizablestrings so whenever git attempts to diff them, they'll treat them as non-binary files and use textconv. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency; SourceTree: A free Git GUI client for Windows and macOS.


I'm not a big fan of inline diff, it's just not that intuitive for me. So I was wondering if there is side by side diff feature in SourceTree. Sadly there is no inbuilt soulution. The only way to see changes side by side is to open external diff.

Answer accepted stevestreeting Jun 06, 2012 Just select 2 commits in the log at once using Cmd-Click, then you'll see the complete diff between those two commits. If you want to filter things down further you can right-click on a file, click 'Log Selected' to get the history just for that file, and then again multi-select commits in that window. Source Tree does not allow you to view the diff between a.SQL file, even though the file contents are just plain text. This problem is extended online to stash as well. Under the hood, this is likely an issue with git / sql server management studio, but it's manifested in Source Tree and could be handled much better.

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I've choose P4Merge as external diff, because it's free and it looks nice.

After P4Merge installation there is only one thing left and that is to open SourceTree and select Tools -> Options -> Diff and set External Diff to P4Merge in dropdown menu.

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Now whenever I want to check the diff I can select the file in SourceTree and hit Ctrl+D to open P4Merge side by side diff.