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Sourcetree credential helper selector #6. Open hazelhedmine opened this issue Jan 17, 2021 2 comments Open sourcetree credential helper selector #6. credential helper =!aws -profile codecommit-user codecommit credential-helper email protected UseHttpPath = true Now you can use git from the command line as usual. Use SourceTree with AWS Codecommit. Atlassian SourceTree is a visual tool for Mac and Windows to manage source code repositories. This can be used with Codecommit as a remote.

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    using system git 2.9.2, because this version enables the [credential] helper = ' in order to disable credential storing or caching at the git command line (see []
    using system git 2.9.2, because this version enables the [credential] helper = ' in order to disable credential storing or caching at the git command line (see [ ]
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i want my clients to receive updates by pulling a project from git, using their own credentials (which have read-only authorization on a bitbucket project). I don't mind if a user and password have to be entered each time.


however sometimes I want to make changes at the client's workstation, and push them with my personal credentials (which are read/write on bitbucket).

I configured my project URL to be without username, and I configured .git/config with the blank credential helper file as per From the git command line, pushing and pulling has the correct behavior that user and password are prompted each time for pulling and pushing. Molents office desk chair ergonomic. But sourcetree is very persistent to store credentials, so after pull/push I have to go each time to the network preferences and delete the username, otherwise my credentials get stored.

To address this, I would like an option either that credentials are never stored, or some finer control such as 'always ask for credentials when pushing' or some such. I notice that the push always includes 'credential.helper=sourcetree' parameter, it seems like an option to remove this might do the job.

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Git Credential Manager Core simplifies authentication with your Azure Repos Git repositories. Credential managers let you use the same credentials that you use for the Azure DevOps Services web portal. Credential managers support multi-factor authentication through Microsoft account or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Besides supporting multi-factor authentication with Azure Repos, credential managers also support two-factor authentication with GitHub repositories.

Azure Repos provides IDE support for Microsoft account and Azure AD authentication through the following clients:

If your environment doesn't have an integration available, configure your IDE with a Personal Access Token or SSH to connect to your repositories.

Install Git Credential Manager Core


Download and run the latest Git for Windows installer, which includes Git Credential Manager Core. Make sure to enable the Git Credential Manager installation option.


macOS and Linux

Sourcetree Credential Helper Selector

You may use SSH keys to authenticate to Azure Repos, or you may use Git Credential Manager Core.

Installation instructions are included in the GitHub repository for GCM Core.On Mac, we recommend using Homebrew.On Linux, you can install from a .deb or a tarball.

Using the Git Credential Manager

When you connect to a Git repository from your Git client for the first time, the credential manager prompts for credentials. Provide your Microsoft account or Azure AD credentials. If your account has multi-factor authentication enabled, the credential manager prompts you to go through that process as well.

Once authenticated, the credential manager creates and caches a personal access token for future connections to the repo. Git commands that connect to this account won't prompt for user credentials until the token expires. A token can be revoked through Azure Repos.

Getting help

Sourcetree Credential Helper Windows

You can open and report issues with Git Credential Manager Core on the project GitHub.