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SourceTree Knowledge Base; Sourcetree knowledge base. Find troubleshooting and how-to articles for Sourcetree. Popular Articles. Page: SourceTree Security Advisory 2017-05-10. Page: SourceTree for Windows 1.10.0-. authentication and accounts updates. Page: Generate and Load SSH Keys into SourceTree with PuTTY. (Sourcetree for Mac here) After I've moved to 2fa on Github, I started having problems with Sourcetree, I've tried using system git but didn't work. What worked was to change Auth type from basic to OAuth and reconnect account.


Set passwords for Git remotes

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Every time you interact with a remote Git repository (for example, during a pull, update, or push operation), it requires authorization. You can configure PyCharm to remember your passwords so that you do not have to specify your credentials each time authorization is required.

Configure a password policy

  1. In the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, select Appearance and Behavior System Settings Passwords on the left.

  2. Select how you want PyCharm to process passwords for Git remote repositories:

    • In native Keychain: select this option to use native Keychain to store your passwords. This setting is only available for MacOS and Linux.

    • In KeePass: select this option to use the KeePass password manager to store your passwords. When you use the KeePass password manager, a master password will be used to access the file that stores individual passwords. Once PyCharm remembers your passwords, it will not ask for them unless you need to access the passwords database. Enter the password that will be used to access the c.kdbx file in the MasterPassword field.

      You can change the default location of the c.kdbx file in the Database field.

      To import a c.kdbx file, click and select Import from the drop-down menu, or click and specify the path to a local file containing your passwords.

      If you want to remove the existing passwords from the database, select Clear.

    • Do not save, forget passwords after restart: select this option if you want your passwords to be reset after you close PyCharm.

Sourcetree Github 2 Factor Authentication

Connect to your Bitbucket or GitHub accounts securely and with ease in the latest versions of SourceTree for Windows and Mac. These versions of SourceTree fully support OAuth 2.0. Users with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled can connect to both services via OAuth and be guided through the standard two-factor login flow. Navigate to the Account Management screen to update your already connected accounts from Basic to OAuth today!





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Also, gone are the days of manually creating and storing SSH keys via command line. Released in version 2.4 for Mac, SourceTree automates the whole process with a single click of a button. Whenever you edit an existing account or add a new one you’ll notice a new “Generate Key” button on the Account Details screen. Click that button and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Sourcetree Github Enterprise

Download the latest versions of SourceTree for Mac and Windows and take advantage of these new features (and various bug fixes/enhancements) today!