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With Acronis True Image, you have the benefit of disk backup and disk cloning tools, including flexible scheduling options, incremental imaging backup, the ability to choose what files and programs are backed up, and a host of choices as to where to store your. Products: Acronis True Image 9.0 - 11.0, 2009 - 2021 Disk Director 12.5 Acronis Revive Welcome to Acronis Community! Log in to follow, share, and participate in this community. Download Acronis Acronis True Image for Sabrent is an integrated software suite that ensures the security of all of the information on your PC. Backups allow you. Acronis True Image 2018 - ランサムウェアからデータを保護するAIベースのテクノロジーを搭載したAcronis Active Protection 2.0を搭載。また、コンピュータのパフォーマンスを下げることなく継続的にバックグラウンドでバックアップすることも可能になり、アクティブ.

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The 15th anniversary Edition of the worlds number 1 personal backup software! Acronis True image delivers complete cyber protection, combining easy-to-use, efficient backup with a proven AI-based defense against ransomware to create the most secure personal backup.

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I purchased a 3 PC license of ATI Advanced yesterday and have been backing up my system to an external HDD for about 30 hours now and it's only 39% done. The time remaining continuously changes from 2-13 hours, but never actually finishes. I submitted a ticket with a system report, I tried to speak with tech support on their 'Always Available 24-7/ 365' chat, but for some reason, today, at this particular time, it is conveniently unavailable. Feeling ripped off and scammed. I cannot get a hold of anyone at this company. My MS backup at least worked. This software is completely worthless.

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Software Acronis True Image

Hello William.. while I can't speak to your experience with Acronis support, I am curious about what you are backing up. Is it one drive or have you gone with Entire PC. The MVPs on this forum tend to favor using separate backup tasks for each physical hard drive. When you do an Entire PC backup, it can include more than you want. Yes, it is the default selection so you need to be aware.


Anyway, how much are you backing up? War thunder type 90. How many drives and how big? Is anything excluded?

How is the external HDD connected.. USB 2, USB 3, via hub? Different external drives can have different speeds. What drive are you using? Always best to run the external drive through the highest speed port and directly to the motherboard, not through a hub.

Time estimates are notoriously bad so put no stock in those. They do get better when you are within the last 10 seconds though.

Are you able to look in Task Manager to get an idea of what is going on with your system? Are you maxing out something (e.g. memory, drive speed, etc.)? Is there some other interfering activity?

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Thank you for the tips Bruno. I was in fact following the default settings and backing up my entire system which consists of 5 HDD, to an 8TB external HDD over USB3. I will abort this attempt and set up individual backups for each drive. Also, resources in use during the backup were minimal, 24% CPU and 30% RAM.

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Concerns about backup times is something many users have been expressed by many users since the introduction of the *.tibx architecture in ATO 2020. Following Bruno's advice should make the backup process work far better. In addition to having separate backup task for each HDD (or in some case each separate partition), I use files and folder backups of directories where the content changes rapidly - including the Documents and Downloads directories. I try to separate applications from 'data' as much as possible, so that I can recover my system drive without having to worry about data that may have changed since the last backup.

Any backup solution, will take much longer when multiple disks are included in a backup task. Whole PC may be appropriate for a laptop with only on HHD/SSD, but where the user has multiple drives with large amounts of 'data' a more targeted approach will make the process more manageable.

One reason why the backup is taking so long is that the Cyber Protection module (introduced in ATI 2021) may be doing a scan of the PC. While the implementation of Cyber Protection in current build of ATI 2021 is greatly improved, it can still slow down the PC while doing a full scan. I have disabled full scans as I have a separate antivirus solution - Norton 360.


Software Acronis True ImageAcronis true image free

Gigabyte Aorus GA-AX370-Gaming 5 M/B; AMD Ryzen 1700X; 16gig RAM; 2 x 500 gig Samsung 970 EVO PCIe NVMe, 1 x 250 gig Samsung 960 EVO PCIe NVMe drives + other drives (Windows 10 Pro 64)
Gigabyte Aorus B360 Gaming 3M/B, Intel i5 9400; 16gig RAM; 1 x 500 gig Samsung EVO Plus PCIe NVMe + 1 x 250 gig Samsung 960 EVO PCIe NVMe + other drives (Windows 10 Enterprise 64)
Gigabyte Aorus H370 Gaming 3M/B, Intel i5 9400; 16gig RAM; 1 x 500 gig Samsung EVO Plus PCIe NVMe + 3 x Kingston HyerX Fury 240gig RAID 5 + other drives (Windows 10 Enterprise 64)
Synology DS414 NAS 4 x 4TB WD Red HDD

Products: True Image 2020 (latest build); Disk Director 12.5
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Hi All,

I've spent 2 solid days trying to install my first ever SSD - a Crucial MX500.

No problem installing the hardware into the PC, loads of Youtube videos to follow, but the Acronis software has got me wanting to all but give up. Installed the software no problem, but the ambiguous instructions, where you have to search the internet for answers as you go (exclude content with or without a tick), before finally starting the clone only to have it just sit there for hours on end doing nothing, with only a message that says.. preparing and estimating time to completion.

So I gave up after the third attempt and used Macrium Reflect 7, which managed to clone my HDD OS, or so I thought - trying to boot with this SSD just throws up the error 'insert boot media.' The bios sees the drive, which I set as the main boot option, but the PC refuses to boot from it.. and again, no help from Crucial's FAQ pages.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance, Phil

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Greetings Phil

Technical support for OEM versions of True Image, which are built to the specifications of the OEM, are supported by the OEM not Acronis: 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products. However, we Acronis users will help whenever we can.

Acronis Backup Software Free

To be of assistance, we need more information: What version and build of Windows are you using (for example Windows 10 Pro 64 build 1909). Also, do you know if the PC boots using BIOS or UEFI, as that may help in finding a solution. If it uses UEFI then the boot device should be set to Windows Boot Manager not to a specified HDD as you would for BIOS (in this context often referred to a legacy mode).

I assume that you removed the old HDD from the PC, if not all sorts of unpredictable issues can arise.

Unfortunately, as you found with Macrium Reflect 7 things can unexpectedly go wrong when cloning. Experienced users of True Image recommend creating a backup of the drive, then recovering to the new drive. However, in your case it seems a little late for that.

If you have a Windows recovery media or the orginal installation media, you could try booting using that media and hopefully that will allow you to fix the problem (cannot give more detailed advice at the moment as it is getting late here in Melbourn Australia.


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Philip, further to the questions from Ian, are you able to get back to square one, i.e. put back the original HDD and boot into Windows from this?

If yes, then make a full disk backup of that HDD before you do anything else!

After that point, you really need to share more information with us.

What type of computer are you working with? Desktop/tower or laptop/notebook/tablet?

What version of Windows OS? 10, 8.1, 7, etc?

What type of disk drives here? Are the HDD & SSD of the same type / connection?
Are they 3.5' or 2.5' SATA drives, PCIe card drives? or a mix of types?
How many disk drives are installed in the computer?

How does Windows on this computer boot from the BIOS, is it UEFI/GPT or Legacy/MBR?
If you can get to the Windows desktop, run the command: msinfo32 and look at the value shown in the report for BIOS mode which should tell you what mode is used.

Final question: how are you trying to boot from the cloned SSD (by Macrium)?
Have you removed the original HDD and replace it by the new SSD?
Are you attempting to boot with the SSD connected externally to the computer?
If the latter, then it will never work due to Microsoft restrictions on Windows boot.

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