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Smart Saver 9 followers on LinkedIn. Smart Saver is a consumer services company based out of 41 W 009 Empire, Saint Charles, Illinois, United States. Shop Best Buy for smartwatch screen protectors. Help prevent scratches on your smartwatch display with an easy-to-apply screen protector. Ziploc® containers come in all shapes and sizes, each with a unique ability to seal, lock, stack, nest and travel with ease.

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Introducing Smart Squares, the most affordable all in one flooring solution for every space in your home. We have taken some of our most popular and stylish residential products and transformed them into 18” x 18” carpet tiles. We use proprietary technology to cut the tiles and never touch the face fiber, leaving a virtually seamless appearance. Eclipse ide for c++ developers. Using our unique Peel & Stick system, Smart Squares can easily be installed on most flooring surfaces.

Smart Saver Square II (4) 2.5L C11'20 Search. Smart Saver Square II (4) 2.5L C11'20 11153570. RM 139.90: Member price RM 104.93. Share on Facebook; Tweet Widget; Google Plus One; Be Tupper-smart and preserve the freshness of your food with the Smart Savers. Each Smart Saver stacks neatly so you will be able to save space.

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Each Smart Square is built with our own PureColor® Fiber system that is not only durable but also resistant to bleach, stains and fading from sunlight. No additional pad is required, as Smart Squares comes with an attached cushion backing system for unmatched comfort underfoot. The only soft surface DIY residential carpet tile on the market. Simply prep, peel, place and press smart squares to transform any room today!

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PureColor® is our proprietary brand solution-dyed fiber. Because it’s solution-dyed, the color goes all the way through the fiber, like the color in a carrot, meaning the color won’t fade, wear off or stain.