Sean Smith Eve Online

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RIP Vile Rat aka Sean Smith – EVE Online Remembers

Sean Smith Eve Online Subtitrat

I try to keep this website focused on 'how to' and 'lessons' but after a few days of thinking about it, I've decided to include some not so happy news and a bitter sweet ending.

Vile rat eve online

(I was going to write this as a short broadcast to Goonswarm and the Imperium to mark the anniversary of Sean Smith’s death in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012. That short broadcast turned into an essay as the words and the grief began pouring out, and I’d like to share these meager reflections in the face of crushing loss in hopes that. Games like Eve Online and the people that play them helped me get over some of the hate in my heart from that original loss. I am glad that MMOs bring people from around the world together where we can have fun and work out our differences without bloodshed. If only more people were exposed to this wonderful thing. Sean Smith, I do pray that. In the wild world of the massively-multiplayer online game Eve Online, which Sean logged into from those various points on the globe, he was known as Vile Rat. For the State Department, he was an.

Sean Smith Eve Online

As a long time EVE Player and CSM representative Vile Rat was a very well known and respected player. Unfortunately I didn't know him, but I certainly knew of him.

Vile Rat Death

Vile Rat's real job was working at the Libyan US Consulate for the US State department, making him a hero both in game and out. As you may know the Libyan Consulate was stormed by idiot protestors upset about some pathetic movie that no one would have ever seen had they not protested and killed over it. In the protest Sean Smith aka Vile Rat was killed.

The bitter sweet, and really uplifting part of this is that the EVE community is coming together to make a statement and an amazing gift to Sean Smiths Wife and Children.

At the time of this article they have already raised over $60,000 dollars to help support his family and fund their children's college expenses and as soon as I hit the 'Publish' button on this article EVE Pro Guides will be making a contribution as well.