Scala Ide For Eclipse

What I would try if I were you is simply uninstalling all Scala IDE plugins from Eclipse ('Scala IDE for Eclipse', and also the 'JDT Weaving for Scala' if you see it in the list of installed plugins). Then, reinstall Scala IDE 2.0.0-RC04. I know, it's not the ideal solution, but. The Scala IDE for Eclipse can be built on the command line using Maven, as is done, for example, during the Jenkins-driven nightly builds on Scala IDE provides support for development of Scala applications in the Eclipse platform. The main purpose is the support for the Scala language and the integration with the Eclipse Java tools. It provides many of the features Eclipse users have come to expect including. My eclipse works perfectly fine without Scala, but as soon as I install it it doesn't even run. Java is properly installed, I checked with the command line, and ran a Java code with no issues whatsoever.

1. First Scala Program Using eclipse

i) software required

Java Development Kit(JDk)
scala IDE(eclipse+scala plugin)

ii) download scala IDE from –> and extract it and run eclipse OR
download eclipse from –>
open eclipse–>goto help–>eclipse market place
search: scala IDE for eclispe–>install–>restart the eclipse

iii) create Scala project

file–> new –> scala project–> specify name–>click on finish.
create scala object–>provide name of object->select main method

T20 war thunder

object Simple {
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
println(“welcome to scala !!”)

Scala Ide For Eclipse

def–> It is keyword in scala used to create method in scala
main–> name of method
args: Array[String] –> method which accepts an array of String as an argument,
args is name of argument it can be any name


: –> In scala after colon we specify the return type of method
unit–> It means method will not return anything.
It is optional
If you do not specify return type after colon it means method returns nothing.

println()–>method used to display output on console,semicolon is
optional in scala.

iv) Right click on project –> Run as –>select scala project.

welcome to scala !!

2. First Scala Program Using Command Prompt(cmd)

i) Software Required

TypeSafe Scala IDE (Eclipse) Doesn't Show Any Scala Projects ..

Java Development Kit(JDk)
Scala binaries


ii) download JDK
download Scala binaries from

iii) set path
computer–>properties–>advanced system settings–>Environment variables –>New
name –> path
value –> C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_05bin;C:Program Filesscalabin;

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iv) Program and Output