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Do You Have To Get An Ergonomic Chair?

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Ergonomic chairs are very popular and for good reason.

While you do not have to get an ergonomic chair, it can help offer relief from lower back pain, improve posture, and also improve the overall quality of life you have in your office.

Simply put, ergonomic chairs are more comfortable and also offer up health benefits when compared to most other office chairs.

Do Office Chairs Have To Have Arms?

While it is not exactly a mandatory part of the designing process, having arms on an office chair is generally a good idea. Most people prefer to have office chairs with arms simply because it gives you a place to rest your hands while you’re thinking.

Savas Task Chair

Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive?

Savas Task Chair

An office chair is not like a typical dining room chair.

They will involve a lot of design nuances, and also have a lot more levers than a typical chair will have.

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The more adjustable and comfortable the chair is, the more you will likely have to pay.

When you factor in things like designs, materials, and branding, (because office chairs can be status symbols) the price can quickly add up.

Is Sitting In A Chair Bad For Your Health?

Yes and no.

Sitting in a chair for a very long period of time has been linked to weight gain, heart problems, stroke, as well as back problems.

This is true, even if you have an ergonomic office chair.

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Since there’s hard science behind the worry about sitting for too long, it’s a good idea to take a 10-minute walk every hour or two.

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