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Open Acronis True Image 2021. In the File menu, click Create Acronis Bootable Media. The Acronis Media Builder window opens. Select the drive that you want to make bootable. Click Create Media. If the drive is not empty, Acronis True Image 2021 will ask you to confirm deleting all the data stored on the drive. To confirm, click. Rufus is an open-source portable application which helps to create bootable USB flash drives. The bootable iso file is quite useful when you are installing an operating system on your computer or laptop. Rufus supports varieties of.iso files which includes Windows, Linux, and much more. Select Create the Acronis Survival Kit option that appears under the destination panel; Follow the wizard instructions to create your boot media and backup. Anytime you create a full image backup of your system, Acronis True Image 2020 will give you the option to create an Acronis Survival Kit. That way your all-in-one recovery tool has the. Creating bootable Acronis True Image USB Flash with Rufus. Creating bootable Acronis True Image USB Flash with Rufus.


Acronis Bootable Media is used in case when your computer/server fails and doesn’t boot back into windows or you have a new computer/server without any operating system installed on it and you want to restore data and machine state from an existing Acronis Backup file.

The article will guide you to download and use Acronis Bootable Media to restore Server state from the Acronis Backup file you have.

The first prerequisite you must have an Acronis Backup “Entire Machine” file of the server to be able to restore the entire server state included in the backup or at least the “Disk C” where the operating system is installed to can restore the Server’s operating system and installed applications.


Step 1: Download Aconis Bootable Media

You have 2 ways download Aconis Bootable Media

Option 1: On the Acronis Management Console, click the Account icon > Download.

Choose Bootable Media

Option 2: You can register a Acronis account to download. For example, register and download Acronis Cyber Protect to try it out.

When you sign into the Product, choose Get Product, which will take you to the page to download Acronis Cyber Protect.

In the Additional Downloads you choose Bootable Media ISO to download.

Once downloaded you proceed to boot the file to install to the usb with the rufus software.

Step 2: Acronis Rescue Media

You plug the bootable usb into the server. Press F12 to enter Boot Option and select USB boot.

Interface Acronis Bootable Media when booting successfully.

Select Rescue Media.

Choose Manage this machine locally

Choose Recover

Choose Browse

Rufus acronis download

You plug the external hard drive containing the Acronis backup file to the Server.

Select Local Folder and select the name of the external hard drive containing the backup file and follow step 3.

If you don’t see backup file in the Local Folder you can choose Network Folder and perform the following steps.

You plug the hard drive containing the backup file into your computer, the Share folder contains the backup file

Plug the network seconds from your computer into 1 network port of the Server, set the computer’s network port ip as

: IP: SN: GW:

Go back to the step choose Recover before the Browse step, select Tool on the toolbar and select Network config, configure the network port ip on the Server as

To make sure you properly configure the server ip port. You ping from the computer to the server to check, if you cannot ping, you may have configured the wrong ip port on the server you choose another port to configure and ping again.

You enter the computer ip ( in the Path and select the arrow, a login panel requires a user name and password to connect to the computer (you enter the computer’s admin user and password).

You choose the folder to share the backup file. And click OK

Rufus Acronis


Step 3: Recover from Acronis Backup file

You choose the Acronis backup file you want to recover. You should pay attention to recover the full backup.

In Backup Content you can choose to recover by Disk, Volume, and File.

Rufus Acronis Free

Click on the Disk and Volume you want to recover. Click Ok.

In the Recover to: Select Physical Machine and choose current Server name. Click Ok to continue

You can track the recover progress via the Progress tab.

After last result is succeeded, click Close.

Go back to the initial window and click Reboot.

You remove the bootable USB so that the server can boot as originally.

After reboot, the server will operate with the latest available status in the acronis backup files you used to recover.


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I created from inside ATI 2018 an bootable rescue media as ISO file.

I don't want to burn it on a CD but put it onto an USB flash drive instead.

Can I use the well known, wide spread tool 'Rufus' ( for this ?



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Peter, yes you can use Rufus or ISOtoUSB or other tools to make a bootable USB drive from your ATI 2018 Rescue Media ISO file - the key caveats here are that the USB stick must be 32GB or less in size (2GB is fine!) and is formatted as FAT32.

Personally, ATI is more than capable of creating the Rescue Media directly on USB media without any need to make an ISO file first.

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Rufus can help you with this problem.

Just install from official site and check this guide…