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How can I execute a Python script on a webpage?

In this video we have discussed how to run #HTMLcode in #python #pythononbrowser and html code embed in python script and this composite script run on brows. Download and Install XAMPP – make sure MySQL and Apache is running. Python – download and install it at 3. Edit http.conf in your apache. Find: AddHandler and and save 4. Instal PIP in your machine – download I am using xampp for my database. This is an optional step, if you have MySQL already installed then you can skip this step. Before starting coding run the xampp control panel and start Apache & MySQL. And we have done with all the CRUD operations in MySQL. So that’s all for this Python MySQL Tutorial friends. I hope you found it helpful if you did, then please SHARE this post with your friends who are learning python. XamppでPHPのようにPythonを動かしたい 手軽にWEBサーバーを動かすのに便利なXamppですが、PythonもぜひXamppで動かしたいと思ったのでその方法を記録に残しておきます。 http.confを書き換え.

I've used XAMPP to create the Apache server. Are there any tutorials/examples or guides on how to execute a .py script? I'm using Windows 7 and have installed Python on my local machine. If I access the .py script via the web link, it looks as if its HTML code and nothing is executed.

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Typically, you don't execute Python in the browser. Instead, the browser accesses a resource (or 'webpage', like by requesting the resource from the server. The server (for example, Apache), when administered correctly, passes off handling of the request to some Python script. Then, your Python script creates some output (for example, HTML) which the server then returns to the browser for the browser to display.

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However, some web sites have found it useful to have logic (scripts) run in the browser, rather than on the server. The standard way of doing this is using JavaScript (although in the past there WERE other languages built into browsers, such as VBScript in Internet Explorer).

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Python On Xampp

Right now, pretty much all browsers have settled on JavaScript as THE scripting language in the browser. In order for you to use any other language in the browser (including Python), the browser must support that scripting language (or needs to have an add-on to support that scripting language). Simply having Python installed on your client alongside the browser is not enough. For more information, please see the Python documentation Web Browser Programming.

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Another option is to use something like Pyjs. Sourcetree download repository. This is a library that has you write your code in Python, and converts the necessary parts to JavaScript. This isn't exactly 'Python in the browser', but it might be something you are looking for.