Python Datetime Utc

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Python datetime utc format

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The offset is written as +00:00. For example: for Asia/Taipei, it is written as UTC +08:00. It takes up the time of a datetime object and returns the difference between time in datetime object and the time of same point in UTC. War thunder italian tanks worth it. It returns the offset in minutes east of UTC. If the local time is west of UTC, it would be negative. Datetime.utcfromtimestamp (timestamp) returns a naive datetime object (not an aware one). Aware ones are timezone aware, and naive are not. You want an aware one if you want to convert between timezones (e.g. Between UTC and local time).


Method Overview:

  • utcoffset() returns the UTC Offset of the datetime instance.
  • Current datetime in UTC; Current datetime in Timezone; Datetime with Offset Timezone; Add UTC Timezone to naive datetime; Convert datetime to another timezone; All examples use Python 3.6+ unless otherwise stated. Current datetime in UTC. To get the current timestamp in UTC timezone, use passing timezone.utc.
  • Python datetime provides tzinfo, which is an abstract base class that allows datetime.datetime and datetime.time to include time zone information, including an idea of daylight saving time. However, datetime does not provide a direct way to interact with the IANA time zone database.
  • An example of Python now to get current local date and time. The following example displays the current local date and time by using the now function of the datetime. For that, you first need to import datetime module, as shown in the example below.

Return Value:

  • utcoffset() returns a timedelta instance corresponding to UTC offset of the tzinfo specified in a datetime instance
  • None is returned if the datetime instance does not have any tzinfo set.


Python Datetime String To Date

import datetime

# Singapore Time

sgtTimeDelta = datetime.timedelta(hours=8)

sgtTZObject = datetime.timezone(sgtTimeDelta, name='SGT')

dateTimeInstance = datetime.datetime(2017,2,14,12,15,1,99,sgtTZObject)

print('Singapore Time instance:{}'.format(dateTimeInstance))

print('UTC Offset for Singapore Time:{}'.format(dateTimeInstance.utcoffset()))


Python Datetime Utc String

Singapore Time instance:2017-02-14 12:15:01.000099+08:00

UTC Offset for Singapore Time:8:00:00