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PRO PHOTO STUDIO STUNNING PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Our pro-team uses state of the art technology to create exceptional product photos that drive revenue. GET A QUOTE WATCH YOUR SESSION LIVE! Using ZOOM it’s easy now to join live sessions. We’ll take photos directed by you with real-time collaboration. (complex lifestyle) Product Photography Studio With Expert Product Product photography. Amazon Product Photography Service Hand over the responsibility of the best photo shoot for amazon pictures of your products to the professionally managed amazon product photo studio. Our highly skilled and experienced amazon products photographers who know their task to perfection and would ensure best results. MyStudio is the absolute best all-in-one lighting and background solution for product photography, ebay auction photography and any other small item photography. This revolutionary tabletop photo studio enables even the most inexperienced person to take professional product photos every time!

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Product photographer for Amazon sellers, eCommerce websites and more.

We provide a versatile range of product photography services. As professional Amazon Product Photographers, our services cover all sorts of products and merchandise across a limitless variety of niches. We specialize in:

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Affordable Pricing

Apart from offering the best service to our clients, we also have a very flexible pricing system that will suit everyone. Just as our service beats that of any other product photographer around, our pricing is also more affordable with a rate as low as $19/image.

Nationwide Services

Our Company is located near Seattle, WA but our services extend nationwide. Getting started with us is easy; you can visit us directly in our studio, or you can simply send us your products by mail; we will shoot the images and send the products back to you (by mail). It’s that easy!

6+ Years In Business

Product photography is our specialization, and this gives our clients the satisfaction that they are dealing with professionals. Our aim is to help businesses to increase their revenue by maximizing sales via the production of images that are the exact representation of their products.

We have worked with a wide range of different establishments who now have an unending confidence in our unique and excellent service. They include small and medium-sized companies across the US who send their products to us for photoshoot. We strongly believe in the quality of our service and our flexible pricing system which has no competing counterpart elsewhere.

Product Photo Studio Amazon

    Sepideh is so easy to work with! She takes direction very well! We sent a few items for a clothing brand and they look remarkable on my site. The turn around time was very fast. All items were returned in the order they received. TWe will continue to work with Coconut Product Photography.

    Brittany Satterwhite

    Such an easy and simple process and the photos of my product came out exactly how I requested. Sepideh was very easy to work with and friendly. Thanks Sepideh!

    Missy Tracey

    Sepideh has been a pleasure to work with. I challenged her to photograph some mediums she had not worked with, and the pictures for my marketing turned out very well!

    Christine J.G.

    “I had a wonderful experience working with Sepideh at Coconut Product Photography. She understood exactly what my needs were and turned around lovely product pictures very quickly. The process was extremely smooth and easy and I love how the photos turned out and the way she captured my product! I will definitely be using their services again for future products!”

    Anne Hulett

Contact us if you have any questions about our services.
Our studio is open 9 am- 6 pm Pacific time, Monday to Friday and 9 am – 4 pm Saturday.


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Jitsi moodle. At Coconut product photography, we specialize in product photography and shoot awesome images that increase conversion rate and help to boost your sales. Whether you are selling on Amazon or other e-commerce websites, we utilize a convenient and affordable process that allows you to get the best images of your product with no extra hassle.

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