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Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs for short, provides software developers with a comprehensive environment and tools for writing software. IDEs maximize developer productivity. They started as simple source code editors, but modern IDEs support all aspects of software development and activities.

If you are a Java developer, chances are you use an IDE. I have not met a Java developer who doesn’t. We asked CodeAhoy users which Java IDE they use. The results are presented below in the form of a fun infographic. Please note that in the survey, IntelliJ includes IntelliJ-based IDEs such as Android Studio. Also, we did not include cloud (online) IDEs such as AWS Cloud9, GitPod, etc.

Survey Results

The results aren’t surprising. the Top 3 IDEs account for 99% of total use.

Jcreator is one of the popular Java IDE(s) from the Xinox Software corp. Which is similar to Visual Studio, an interface from Microsoft. This is much faster, and efficient than other Java IDEs with lightweight features. Best development tool for Java programmers that comes in different versions like Lite, Pro, and Life Pro. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA is a capable and ergonomic IDE for web, enterprise and mobile Java development. It provides high-class support and productivity boosts for enterprise, mobile and web development in Java, Scala and Groovy, with all the latest technologies and frameworks supported out of the box. Read IntelliJ IDEA Reviews. Java IDEs Survey Votes Breakdown. Infographic Notes: #1 IntelliJ IDEA: No surprises here. Arguably, IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is the best free Java IDE out there. It deeply analyzes your code and provides in-depth coding assistance. Feature rich & very smart. It has both free and paid versions. If you haven’t already, check it out.

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Java IDEs Survey Votes Breakdown

Infographic Notes:

  • #1 IntelliJ IDEA: No surprises here. Arguably, IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is the best free Java IDE out there. It deeply analyzes your code and provides in-depth coding assistance. Feature rich & very smart. It has both free and paid versions. If you haven’t already, check it out.
  • #2 Eclipse: Classic and time honored Java IDE. Still used by millions of developers. Has an impressive collection of tools to boost productivity. Open source and free. You can get it here.
  • #3 NetBeans: Another old school Java IDE that is alive and kicking. Before IntelliJ, the choice of Java IDE boiled down to Eclipse or NetBeans. It is actively maintained and supported by the community at the Apache Software Foundation. Check it out.
  • #4 BlueJ: A light-weight IDE developed for educational purposes, but also suitable for small-scale software development. James Gosling, father of Java, called it one of his favorite IDEs… back in 2004. Check it out.
  • #5 DrJava: Another light-weight IDE developed for educational purposes. Open source and free, supported by active development at Rice University. Check it out

Other Java IDEs that didn’t have enough votes to make it into Top 5:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • JCreator
  • GitPod
  • JDeveloper
  • JGrasp
  • CodeEnvy
  • Greenfoot
  • MyEclipse

In total, 253 Java developers from all over the world took the survey in the month of March, 2020. Majority of the readers of CodeAhoy blog are from USA, followed by India, Canada, UK and Russia.

Whether you agree, disagree or have something to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Java frameworks are required for a large number of applications, and Java IDE Software allows the user to create various useful and productive applications of java easily.


These software also have features like test NG, debugging, visual GUI builder and many more. These are used to build various professional mobile and web applications. Check out these software now!

1. NetBeans

If you need a free and useful Java IDE for developing Java programs, download NetBeans now.

  • Free Java IDE software and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms supporting a compatible JVM.
  • Can develop all Java applications like Java SE, Java FX, web, EJB and mobile applications.
  • The software is released under dual license comprising Common Development and Distribution License and General Public License.

2. Eclipse

Office chair with 4d arms. If you are a Java developer or programmer, don’t lose any time, download the Java IDE Eclipse.

  • Free Java IDE that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Users can create cross-platform applications for mobile, web and other domains.
  • If plugins are available, applications can be created in other languages like C, C++, Perl, Prolog, Python etc.

3. Enide Studio 2014

One of the most important software for Java IDE, download Enide Studio 2014 now for all your professional needs.

  • Free Java development IDE compatible on Windows.
  • Supports Eclipse, Java and Java Script.
  • Main features include editor, git addon, rest client tool, GFM viewer, Mark Down editor etc.

4. BlueJ

Ideal Java IDE for educational and small scale software development. If you wish to learn Java programming, download BlueJ now.

  • It is free open source software licensed under GNU GPL and run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
  • Mainly used for teaching of object-oriented programming.
  • It is a powerful graphical shell/REPL for Java.
  • Can run without installation from an USB stick.

5. jEdit

Best Java Ide For Beginners

Free Java IDE for programmers, analysts and developers. Download jEdit now.

  • Runs on Mac OS X, OS/2, UNIX, VMS and Windows.
  • Can be used for source-code editing, search and replacing and file management.
  • It is a lightweight application whose features include auto indent function, syntax highlighting for over 200 languages etc.


Highly advanced Java IDE required for all professional Java developers and programmers. If you are one, download jGRASP now.

  • Free software that runs on Windows, Mac OS. For Linux systems, the developers offer a generic ZIP file for the software.
  • Can produce static visualizations of source-code structures and visualizations of data structures at runtime.
  • Can produce control Structure Diagrams for Java, C, C++, Python, Complexity Profile Graphs for Java and Ada and UML Class Diagrams for Java.

7. JSource

A very good option for Java developers and Programmers, JSource is available as a free Java IDE. So, download JSource now.

Best Java Ide Reddit

  • The software can run on Windows and is available under GNU general Public License 2.0
  • Very lightweight and highly useful for creating cross platform Java applications for various domains.
  • Main features include syntax highlighting for multiple languages and Java Swing Components.

Best Java Ide 2021

Though we have higher versions of programming languages available now, the importance of Java can never be underestimated. The most used language for developing fun frolic mobile games, web applications and many more, Java IDE are an integral part of a programmer’s kit.

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