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Welcome to the Mineplex Twitch and Play, here I will stream on twitch Streamlabs OBS (laggy, broken:/) and will be playing on Mineplex MPS /server AAR2021-1 we will playing games of winners choices, if you don't win a game then I will give a chance before the end. War thunder american tank tree. Plex is like mission control for your content. With our easy-to-install Plex Media Server software and Plex apps on the devices of your choosing, you can stream your video, music, and photo collections any time, anywhere, to whatever you want. Quick Start Video.

A quick question from a Roku 2 owner in the UK, but I'm not sure if I should direct this at the Plex forums or here, but anyway.

You can combine the kill paused script, with the kill method in this script. The new kill method uses Plex's built in terminate stream feature, so it can terminate any stream, not just transcodes. You should probably ask /u/blacktwin about it since those are his scripts. I can stream using plex just fine it is only internet streaming that is effected. I have over 10mbs consistent internet connection and can watch netflix fine on the computer, blu-ray player and wii. Shows that say they are HD only get 2 dots quality for me.

I'm running Plex Media Server on WHS 2011 and I've installed the Plex client on the Roku. All my DVD's were originally stored in VIDEO_TS format on WHS, and this works fine in the Windows Plex client, everything plays back ok. On the Roku though, I'd always get errors that the video file couldn't be found, so I tried converting the VIDEO_TS movie to MKV using MakeMKV. All this has done is take the MPEG2 video files and put them in a container. It hasn't actually done anything to the movie data itself. Anyway, when stored as an MKV, the Roku will play the video file fine, but I've noticed that even with a basic MPEG2 video stream with DD audio, the PMS is transcoding all the output for the Roku, so putting extra load on the WHS. While the movie does play fine, I'd have thought the Roku would have played back this natively (without transcoding), but it doesn't. I'd checked the Roku, and playback was set to 'Automatic'. When I tried setting this to Direct Play w/fallback, I could (most of the time) get the Roku to play the movie without transcoding being required, but it's still a bit hit and miss (sometimes it will transcode, other times it won't)

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So, what gives? Does Automatic play cut corners with playback. What is the best setting to use? Am I missing something else?