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This blog post will give you a step by step guide on how to install Plex Media Server on a Qnap NAS.

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is one of the preferred ways to install your Plex Media Server, they run custom operating systems based on Linux and perhaps not as intuitive as Mac and Windows, so install isn’t always as straightforward. I personally have been running Plex on my Qnap TS-253A for at least three years and it has been really stable and functional.

  1. The QNAP is not actually connected to a PC. That was my initial idea as I have an old HP ProLiant Gen6 at my disposal but then once I did the initial setup of the QNAP I realized it already offers the Plex Server app on his OS.
  2. Performs HW transcoding just fine in Plex (assuming you have PlexPass) QTS v4.4.2 which is required to get latest NVidia drivers from QNAP that work with Plex HW transcoding. TS-x77 family has very good support for NVidia cards, but you use them EITHER for QTS mode (I.e. Plex), Container Station Mode (Docker) or Virtualization Station (VMs).
  3. Manufacturer: Model: CPU Model: SD 480p / 576p: HD 720p: HD 1080p: 4K SDR 2160p: 4K UHD HDR 2160p: SD 480p / 576p: HD 720p: HD 1080p: H.264. 2160p: HEVC SDR 2160p.

You can install Plex automatically through the Qnap App Store or manually as a .qpkg file.


This options is the easiest and the quickest, I initially installed my Plex media server in this way. However you are not going to be able to update your Plex with new software releases unless QNAP updates the version that is stored in their App Store.

It isn’t uncommon for an update to fail in this way.

QNAP NAS with Plex bring you the perfect multimedia experience. But when it comes to finding the right NAS, which of QNAP’s variety of solutions is best for your needs? We help narrow it down to help you chose the ideal NAS to host your Plex Media Server. Contact us for more info.


  1. Login into your Qnap admin page through your Web Browser
  2. Open App Center
  3. Search for Plex
  4. Click the + Install button
  5. Once completed you can now open your Plex Media server.

Plex Qnap Ts-230

At the time of writing the version available at the App Center is V1.16.6 (2019/10/29).

Plex released version on July 20th 2020 you can find information about Plex releases in the Plex announcements forum

The automated updated isn’t available with the newest released features. I’ll now show you how you can update your Plex manually.

These are some of the features released with this version:


  • (Intro Detection) Find any intros in the first half of an episode
  • (Linux) Add service customization notes to Debian and Redhat service file
  • (QNAP) Add PlexData share to provide easy access to logs & make/restore backups
  • (Translations) Added Portuguese translations.
  • GnuTLS was upgraded to 3.6.14

Manual update

Navigate to Plex’s download page and pick media server and pick Qnap as a platform from the pick list.

Plex Qnap Download

Download the correct package based on your processor, in my case I have a Intel CPU.

If you are not sure which processor you have follow these steps: Saver bathroom.


Plex Qnap Docker

  1. Log into the Qnap admin page on your browser
  2. Open the control panel and navigate to System –> Hardware –> System Status
  3. Under system information you should find the CPU listed.

Once you have download the .qpkg file we need to upload it and install it.

Open the App centre in your Qnap admin page, and look for the plus button install manually.

Plex Qnap

Now click browse and look for where your file was downloaded to and then click Install.

And that should be it!

Hope your update went well

Keep it digital!