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Plex has apps for all of your devices, giving you one seamless experience. Stream your media to any of these devices, whenever and wherever you are. Playing Content Tap on the Players button to select the desired Plex app or device to which you wish to fling your content. If you’re already playing content, it will then begin playing on the selected device, while the local iOS app will. If at any time you wish to switch back to playing your. Now the company is diving into gaming with a notable partnership with Atari to bring some of the most classic games to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more as well as giving users the ability to store. This guide will show you how to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote to control the Plex media server. The Plex app for iOS itself can actually act as a remote control for other instances of Plex (eg. Plex running on a computer, gaming console, Apple TV etc).

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I just set up a new home user and enabled sync. The user is on an iPhone, with the latest Plex version (as of this writing) but can not see any option to sync. The button just isn’t there. F104g war thunder. I logged in as the new user on my phone and I do have the sync option and the user can also sync via a browser to their device. I’m at a loss as to why they can not initiate a sync from their device. If I log in as myself (admin) on their device, I do not have the option to sync from the phone itself. I checked all the settings within the app and on the server side as well but can’t figure out what is wrong. Cellular data sync is enabled, there are no issues with WiFi or connectivity, no device settings are preventing the app from storing local data so I’m stuck at this point.