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Piyaa Albela
Created bySooraj Barjatya[1]
Developed bySooraj Barjatya
Written byRahul Modi
Screenplay byRitu Goel
Rachel Navare
Directed byAshish Shrivastav
Creative director(s)Fratema Rangila
Varsha Jain
Sunil Rathode
Starring(See below)
Theme music composerTyson Paul
Nishant - Raja
Opening themeMora Piyaa..Albela
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes361 (as of 30th July 2018)
Producer(s)Sooraj Barjatya
Production location(s)Mumbai
CinematographySanjay Memane
Anil Katke
Editor(s)Shashank Harendra Singh
Krishna Mahto
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Rajshri Productions
DistributorZee Entertainment Enterprises
Original networkZee TV
Picture format720i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
First shown inIndia
Original releaseMarch 6, 2017 –
28 August 2018
Preceded byJamai Raja
Followed byTujhse Hai Raabta
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Piyaa Albela (English: My Lover Is Unique) is an Indiansoap opera. It is made by Rajshri Productions. It is broadcast on Zee TV every Mon-Fri at 08:30 pm IST.[2] The show is a love story, a modern telling of the love between Menaka and Vishwamitra.[3][4]

The main actors, Akshay Mhatre and Sheen Das, started their careers in Indian television with this show.[5] Producer Sooraj Barjatya worked for about eight years on Piyaa Albela. The show began on March 6, 2017, replacing a popular Zee TV show, 'Jamai Raja'.[6]

Plot[changechange source]

Piyaa Albela is a modern-day telling of the classic love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra. The story is about Naren and Pooja, who are very different from each other.

  • Naren is on the path of spirituality and meditation. He studies psychology, more in the classroom of his mind and soul than in real-life college. He barely keeps up with current events on the news. He neglects his appearance and his behavior is strange, so others look upon him as anti-social, keeping to himself. As a 'poor little rich boy' he has rebelled against his parents, who do not understand him.
  • Pooja is the opposite of Naren. She is warm, confident, and a 'people' person. Her talents include being a karate champion who can straighten out wayward boys who try to get fresh with her, and dancing at the cultural nights of her university.
  • Naren's parents do not understand their son. They think Pooja is the answer to Naren's problems.

Cast[changechange source]

Main cast[changechange source]

Piya albela episode
  • Akshay Mhatre as Naren Harish Vyas (Main Male lead)[7]
  • Sheen Das as Pooja Naren Vyas (Main Female lead)[8]

Piya Albela Episode 1

Other regular actors[changechange source]

  • Ankitt Vyas as Rahul Vyas, Naren's cousin
  • Ritu Chauhan as Surbhi Rahul Vyas, Naren's ex-fiancée, Rahul's wife and Yash's daughter
  • Avinash Wadhawan as Harish Vyas, Naren's father
  • Jyoti Gauba as Supriya Harish Vyas, Naren's mother
  • Tusshaar Khanna as Mayank Kaushal, Naren's cousin
  • Khalid Siddiqui as Ashish Kapoor
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Yash Singhania/Bhola Babu, Harish's friend
  • Mamta Verma as Shilpa Singhania, Surbhi's mother
  • Vijay Kalvani as Hardik Vyas, Naren's paternal uncle
  • Parul Chaudhary as Neelima Vyas, Naren's paternal aunt[9]
  • Kuldeep Mallik as Satish Gupta, Pooja's maternal uncle
  • Chitrapama Banerjee as Kusum Satish Gupta, Pooja's maternal aunt
  • Rohan Rai as Anuj Satish Gupta, Pooja's cousin
  • Farukh Saeed as Rakesh Kaushal, Mayank's dad/Bandhu
  • Chaitrali Gupte as Harsha Kaushal, Naren's paternal aunt and Mayank's mother
  • Sandhya Mehta as Rachel/Ritu
  • Rishabh Shukla as Babaji/Guruji (Dead)
  • Suhani Dhanki as Chandani, a harlot
  • Kanwarjit Paintal as Kashinath Vyas, Naren's grandfather
  • Suraj Kakkar as Dr. Anand, (Dead) Pooja's ex-fiancé[10]

Soundtracks[changechange source]

1.'Malanga Re[11]' Krishna Beura4:23
2.'Jogiya[12]' Akanksha Sharma7:15
3.'Chal Sanyasi[13]' Akanksha Sharma3:05

References[changechange source]

Piya Albela
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Other websites[changechange source]

  • Piyaa Albela on IMDb
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Piya Albela 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren walking on the road in trance. Rahul thinks Guru ji’s touch has an effect and thinks lets see what madness Naren will do today. Pooja runs back home and asks supriya to come with her. Neelima says she has to go to hospital. Pooja says if you don’t come with me today then you will not forgive me all life. Mig 15 war thunder. Supriya is shocked. Pooja asks her to come. Naren thinks of Guru ji’s words and removes his pant as well. He continues walking. People on the road laugh on him. Rahul is keeping a watch on him and laughs and recalls Naren slapping him. He thinks Harish wanted to make him MD, now people will call him mad jogi. Pooja and Mayank bring Supriya there with support. They see Naren walking on road naked. Pooja sees people laughing at him and taking his video. She breaks a man’s phone and breaks it. She asks everyone to keep their phones back. Mayank asks Naren to come into his senses. Pooja asks Naren to stop and see Supriya. She takes a cloth kept there and asks Supriya to cover him.

Naren is still walking in trance. Rahul thinks his respect is gone. He signs few men to go. Pooja asks Supriya not to cry and asks her to become his shield. She says your touch is enough to get rid of the evil powers. Rahul’s men throws stone on Naren. Mayank and Pooja protect him. Pooja asks Supriya to take God’s name and keep on his head and says only you can bring Naren back. They pray to God while Naren is sitting under the tree. Supriya keeps her hand on his hand while praying to God. Naren opens his eyes and calls Supriya. Rahul thinks how did this happen, Guru ji said that there is no solution to his touch. Naren gets back to his senses and is shocked. Supriya and Mayank ask him to come. Pooja sees Rahul there and thinks nobody can harm him when I am with him.

In the car, Pooja apologises to Supriya for taking her there in that condition. She thinks how did you think about mother’s touch. Pooja tells her that once in her childhood when Kusum touched Anuj with faith, he got fine. Supriya asks what happened to Naren suddenly. Pooja says it was Guru ji’s trick. Harish asks Harsha where is Supriya? Supriya brings Naren home. Everyone is shocked to see him covered with a cloth. Supriya asks Mayank to take Naren to room. Harish asks Pooja to give explanation. Pooja says it is given by someone who did mistake and says Guru ji will give him explanation. She asks him to tell Harish. Supriya tells Harish that Guru ji touched him and made him in trance and he was walking naked near the ghaat. Guru ji says I can answer you only Maa and not to others. Pooja tries to confront him. Supriya asks her to go and asks Guru ji to answer. Guru ji says he just blessed him and don’t know what happened to him. Supriya blames him. Harish scolds Supriya for blaming Guru ji. Neelima praises Supriya’s strength in handling Naren. Rahul says Harish is not wrong to be concerned.

Piya Albela Full Episode

Harish says I wish Naren shall have been like him. Supriya asks him to see Naren’s condition and says if anything had happened to him then…Harsha says Bua ji blessing have protected him. Guru ji asks them to calm down and says I will talk to Naren. Supriya asks him not to involve in their house matters. She asks Harish to talk to him alone. They talk in the room. Harish asks Supriya to have faith on Guru ji. Supriya says she don’t want him near Naren and asks him to send him. Harish says I will send him if you want, but I have a condition. He says if Guru ji goes from here, then you have to send pooja from here today itself. Pooja comes to Naren’s room and calls him. He gets up. She asks him to have milk.

Piya Albela

“Na daan se na yagyon se
Na bhakti se na granto se
Mile hai saar is jeevan ke
Sab Tyaag Ke Usme Ramne se”

(Not from charity or offering
Not from prayers or holy scriptures
Get the meaning of life
By leaving everything)

Pooja asks Naren about their friendship limits and asks him why did he come with Guru ji when she asked him not to go with him and starts throwing her things like that of Naren. Naren accepts his mistake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan