Pictures Of Pink Dolphins In The Amazon River

Pink River Dolphin Facts

The pink or Amazon river dolphin is a rare species of aquatic mammal, obviously characterized by its pink skin. Amazon forest girl image. They are between 8.25 ft (2.5 m) and 9.75 ft (3 m) long and usually weigh around 200 lbs (90 kg).

  1. The pink river dolphin lives in the Amazon rainforest. They are usually born grey and become pinker with age: they are found in the tributaries and main rivers of the Orinoco River systems in South America. This animal can stay submerged for up to fifteen minutes; males.
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With so many exotic species living in the Amazon rainforest, most people forget that it’s not only the rainforest canopy and dense undergrowth that is home to wildlife. The Amazon River itself is teeming with rich biodiversity: in the dark waters swim piranhas, crocodiles, manatees, and one of our favorites, the Amazon river dolphin, known to locals as the Pink Dolphins, or more frequently referred to as the Pink River Dolphin on account of its distinctive coloring.
Despite their apt name, there are actually two other species of river dolphin (the Bolivian and Araguaian) and the oceanic Gray Dolphin (known to locals as the Tucuxi) that also call the Amazon river home. However the pink dolphins are one of the most recognisable, and can often be spotted by passengers embarking on a river cruise, and can even be seen close up if you dare to swim with them!
The Amazon river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis) are known as Pink Dolphins// Bouto, or pink Amazon river dolphins, and are closely related to the newly discovered Araguaian river dolphin and nearby Bolivian river dolphins of the Amazon. They're not too distantly related to their South Asian river dolphin cousins either, namely the subspecies of Ganges river dolphin from the water systems of India, and the Indus river dolphins from Pakistan’s river.
Pink Amazon river dolphins are not the same dolphins you may find in the ocean (like the tucuxi which is not closely related to them genetically) and have quite a few special adaptations to their habitat. In truth, they are actually only distantly related to sea dolphins. Additionally, their appearance is quite distinct.
Amongst the five living species of river dolphins, pink Amazon river dolphins are the most intelligent, with a brain capacity that is 40% larger than that of humans. They also form the largest population of river dolphins, as the others are almost extinct. Cool.

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1) Swim with Dolphins

Dolphin therapy fights depression Dolphins are increasingly being used in therapeutic treatments Swimming with dolphins appears to help alleviate mild to moderate depression, researchers havefound. A University of Leicester team tested the effect of regularswimming sessions with dolphins on 15 depressed people in a study carried out in Honduras. They found that symptoms improved moreamong this group than among another 15 who swam in the same area - but did not interact with dolphins. The study of the above dolphin therapy is published in the British Medical Journal.

2) Dolphins Playing with Bubble Rings

A game that these dolphins like to play is 'bubble ring'.What they do (you could imitate underwater) is purse their lips. Pretend that youare about to kiss your beloved. Start blowing out through your mouth.This is the crucial part. The next sequence is the knack of blowing abubble ring. Quickly open and close your lips so they push out a small bubble of air.The key is break-off abruptly. The air should rush out. Don't worry ifyou don't create a perfect ring at first. Keep practising and you willget a bubble ring, just like the dolphins. Dolphin plays bubble rings

3) Pink River Dolphin Pictures

The pinkriver dolphin lives in the Amazon rainforest. They are usually born grey and become pinker with age: they are found in the tributaries and main rivers of the Orinoco River systems inSouth America. This animal can stay submerged for up to fifteen minutes; males sleep just below the surface and they come up to breathe. The pink dolphin's body has adapted to the rivers of the Amazon. These Amazon river dolphins are also known as 'botos'. However, there are also relatives in the Chinese Yangtze river, where they are called baiiji. Unfortunately, both species are endangered dueto thoughtless hunters. Other pink albino bottlenose dolphins have been spotted in Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana, USA, reports Pink pacific humpback dolphins [known as white dolphins] are also found in smallpopulations off the coast of China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Hong Kong dolphin watch has been working since 1995 to increase the public's awareness of these dolphins plight as they are struggling tosurvive. The Pink Dolphin Appeal was launched in April 2003 and collects money for research into breast cancer.

4) I Wish I Could Swim With These Dolphins

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Pictures Of Pink Dolphins In The Amazon River

Lovely, Happy, Carefree Dolphins

5) Dolphin Engrish

Because there is danger that is involved in a dolphin. Please do not grow a hand in a fence. See more examples of Engrish

5a) It's unlikelythis dog read the above dolphin sign

6) Dolphins Go on a Diet Learn Will andGuy

Performing dolphins at Kinosaki Marine World in western Japan, have beenplaced on a special low-fat diet after developing fat stomachs which haveseriously affected their abilities to look sharp in their aquaticperformances. All 19 dolphins have been on the diet for two months, afterthey had they started failing to hit jumping targets and keep upright whiletreading water. 'We were puzzled by their poor performance, then we noticed they lookedrounder,' reported park spokesman Haruo Imazu. Keepers measured theirweight and found all had become tubbier, some were 22 pounds heavier justduring the summer. All had the same menu: about 31 pounds of mackerel mixedwith some white fish, but keepers found the mackerel had got fatter as well,adding far too many calories for the dolphins. Their handlers immediatelyput them on a weight-loss programme, we have discovered, feeding them morewhite fish and less fatty mackerel, while instituting a routine exerciseregimen. 'Less fat and moderate exercise seemed to be working,' concluded HaruoImazu.

7) Interesting Dolphin Facts

Amazon pink dolphins photosDolphinEating

A Pink Dolphin

Watching dolphins feeding on shoals of fish is fascinating. The schoolof dolphins herd the fish into a ball, then each dolphin in the school takesit in turn to swim through the fish and seize a tasty snack. Such isthe control of the dolphins, that it is impossible for the fish to escapeuntil all the dolphins have had their fill. Drinking How dolphins drink water is a conundrum. In a nutshell, they don'tdrink seawater, because of the salt concentration. Thus they have toobtain water through their food, for example, squid or sea cucumber.The rest of their water balance is down to having efficient kidneys.Talking of water balance, let us consider, how do we humans 'lose' water?The answer is by sweating and through exhaling, both of which are reduced inthe dolphin. Echo Location Dolphins see and navigate their underwater world by echo location. Bygenerating clicks at about 500 clicks per second, dolphins can echo locate,their friends, their foes and their prey. We are only justappreciating their skill in simultaneously detecting objects, both near andfar, moving and stationary. Collective Name for Dolphins

Amazon Pink Dolphins Photos

Although dolphins are more closely related to dogs than cows, the males arecalled bulls, the females cows, and their offspring are calves. I amnever sure why a group is called a school of dolphins, is it because of theirplayfulness, or is it their keenness to learn?

Images Of Pink Dolphins In The Amazon River

Derivation of the Word Dolphin

Pictures Of Pink Dolphins In The Amazon River

If you research the meaning of the English word 'Dolphin', you will find that it leads to theLatin word delphinus and ultimately to the Greek, delphís. Themeaning of these words is linked to the Greek for womb, perhaps the ancientswere seeking a name that showed that this animal was a mammal and not a fish. It is also suggested that dolphin means beak. Whilst the beak is a keyfeature of the dolphin, and is useful in telling the difference between thevarious species, I cannot immediately see how Dolphin MEANS beak. I gowith dolphin meaning 'womb fish'. See moreinteresting dolphin facts

Real Pink Dolphin Pictures

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