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Card holders occupy the grey area between the traditional bifold wallets and the money clips. They do not fold open, which is the case with the traditional bifold wallets but provide a pocket for cash on top of the many card slots. Manufacturers use jeans, leather, plastic, carbon fiber or metal to make card holders. To help you make the right purchase decision in the year 2019, we have gathered the best credit card holders. You have to try one of them for better results. Here they are.

Best Overall: Kinzd Slim Credit Card Holder

If you need a credit card holder that will last for many years, the Kinzd Slim Credit Card Holder should be your first choice. The manufacturer uses 100 percent Napa Genuine Leather, which is more breathable, softer and glossier to make the wallet. The wallet measures 4.4 inches by 3.15 inches by 0.12 inches and has 6 card slots, 1 receipt or money pocket and 1 ID window. The RFID blocking technology will keep your credit card information safe regardless of where you are. You should keep in mind that it does not block any frequencies above 125KHz. The slim design allows its sliding in and out of the front or back pocket.

Best Budget: Spiex Slim Leather RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder

It is good to be worried about the safety of your credit cards or ID information. The manufacturer of Spiex Minimalist Credit Card Holder knows the benefits of RFID Blocking technology and therefore incorporates it in this particular credit card holder. The RFID technology can block frequencies below 13.56 MHz, which means that it will protect your debit cards, credit cards, ID cards and driver license. The super minimalist wallet measures 4.5 inches by 3.2 inches by 0.2 inches. You can carry it in your back or front pocket, travel pack or purse depending on your needs. It comes with 4 card slots, one clear finger glide ID window, one large pocket for cards, two functional card slots and a receipt or money pocket. It is 100 percent leather and comes with a 1-year warranty.


Best Leather Bifold: Bellroy Hide & Seek, slim leather Credit Card wallet

If you need a wallet that looks and feels good, Bellroy Hide & Sleek, Slim Leather Wallet, RFID editions available (Max. 12 cards and cash) is a good choice. Its inside is more polished and you might love the color. To maintain its sleek and slim profile, you should stick to 5-12 cards, a few flat bills, coins and IDs. The slim bifold wallet has a hidden bill section that you can use to store your spare cash when necessary.

It features four single card slots, but you can place two cards in each of them. The slots can also hold your driver’s license, debit cards and any other payment related card. The manufacturer uses environmentally certified materials to make it and backs it by a 3-year warranty. Speaking of the size, the wallet measures 3.3 inches by 4.5 inches, which means it will fit in any of your pockets.

Best Metal: The Ridge Minimalist Credit Card Holder Wallet with RFID Blocking

The Ridge Wallet Authentic Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet with Money Clip Slim Wallet for Men is designed for people who want to simplify and streamline their daily life. The manufacturer made it with functionality and design in mind, so it will remain slim without limiting you to a few credit cards. You will carry fewer items but have what you need for your day.

The wallet holds 1-12 cards without losing its beautiful shape. It is, therefore, a good choice for business cards, bills, debit cards and credit cards. The manufacturer includes an outside notch, which facilitates faster pulling of cards. The integrated metal money clip allows users to clip several bills in the wallet. You can choose one with a money clip or cash strap depending on your needs. The aluminum plating and the interchangeable elastic screws are durable. You will benefit from RFID blocking technology and a Lifetime guarantee on the wallet.

Best Ease Of Use: Secrid Slim Credit Card Holder Wallet

For people who love buying specific items, the Secrid – Slim Wallet Genuine Vintage Leather RFID Safe Card Case for Max 12 Cards (Chocolate) is a perfect choice. When purchasing it, you should keep in mind that it is very small and when full, it will look like a small stack of cards. That is not a downside but an important feature. If you need a wallet that will fill up your back pocket, it is a good choice.

The Secrid Slim Wallet is made from quality leather and aluminum materials. It has a unique feature that allows the user to slide out all cards by clicking once – no card will fall out. And because it is designed for men, you can place it in your front pocket or coat pocket and maintain your slim appearance. Moreover, if you love placing your items in the back pocket, you can place it there and sit on it throughout the day. It will not bend or break. The manufacturer offers 2 years full warranty. The wallet features RFID blocking technology and can hold 12 cards in addition to banknotes.

Best Slim Bifold: SlimFold Minimalist Bifold Credit Card Holder Wallet

If you have been looking for a wallet that can go into your front pocket along with your smartphone and keys, Silmfold Minimalist Wallet – RFID Option – Thin, Durable and Waterproof Guaranteed – Made in USA – MICRO Size is a perfect choice. The manufacturer employs some of the best construction methods from leather and fabric applied using Soft Shell materials. You will have a wallet that will not weigh you down.

The ID window, situated on the left side, is stitched on and made of quality optically clear Mylar material and not the typical vinyl material, which can stick to your ID card or driver’s license when sliding it out. Each of the sots will hold 1-2 cards depending on the size. The slot will stretch to the size of the card and then rebound when holding only one card. The interior pockets will hold additional cards along with your loyalty cards or any other card you rarely use in a week.

Best Front Pocket: Saddleback Leather Co. Slim Leather Front Pocket Credit Card Holder Wallet

The Saddleback Leather Co. Slim Full Grain Leather Front Pocket ID Window Wallet for Men Includes 100 Year Warranty is small, convenient to own and properly made for everyday use. The wallet will take many years to loosen up and during the first few weeks, it will take a lot of muscle to slide your ID and credit cards in or out. Saddleback Front Pocket ID Wallet has won many awards for selling the best minimalist wallet. This wallet is slim enough to fit in your front pocket and go unnoticed.

This minimalist leather ID wallet for Men and Women offers a clear ID window. The ID window is not made of any plastic that is likely to crack or get cloudy. It will make scanning of your student ID, work ID or the metro pass card a breeze. The wallet can hold 12 credit cards and the slot behind its ID window can hold your business cards, secret notes or folded cash. Enjoy lifetime warranty after purchase.

Best for Dad: Swallowmall RFID Leather Bifold Credit Card Holder Wallets with Gift Box

Mens Wallet RFID Genuine Leather Bifold Wallets for Men, ID Window 16 Card Holders Gift Box is designed for people who need a high-quality leather product. The manufacturer knows that you need the best in craftsmanship and they, therefore, use 100 percent Cow leather, which is luxurious and long-lasting. This wallet also balances classic minimalism with easier to access storage. That ensures you have anything you need each time you need it.

You will continue with your daily tasks without worrying that thieves will access your credit card and ID details remotely. That is because the manufacturer fits the wallet with an effective RFID blocking technology. The wallet offers 10 card slots, 1 bank card slots, 4 hidden slots, 1 ID window, 2 zipper bags and 2 cash pockets. It will carry 16 cards without losing its slimness. The manufacturer designs it for men of all ages and you can carry it to business meetings or when participating in outdoor activities.

Best Value: MaxGear RFID Credit Card Holder


For people who love black things, the MaxGear RFID Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder Protector is a perfect choice. The manufacturer uses higher quality stainless steel and so you will easily clean it. Moreover, due to its small size, it will perfectly fit in your front or shirt pocket. The employed RFID technology will keep your personal information safe from credit card detail thieves. The manufacturer has tested it for 13.56 MHz frequency and can, therefore, it will not block any signal of ID badges, hotel room cards and access cards that operate within the 125KHz. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty and you can, therefore, get your money back if you do not get what you wanted.

Best Minimalist: Karlling Slim Minimalist Soft Leather Credit Card Holder

You can get a high-quality credit card holder for a lower price. If your budget is limited, the Karling Soft Leather Credit Card Holder is a perfect choice. The black wallet can hold up to 20 credit cards at a time. Haworth zody. Every page features a divider, which sits nicely between every two cards. In other words, you will be able to remove the card you require without touching the other. Unless you are planning to carry all your credit cards on a daily basis, you should not use it as your primary wallet. It does not hold change and does not have a currency pocket. It is made of soft luxury leather and measures 100mm by 75mm.

Best Security: Zhoma RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

If you mostly use your wallet to carry credit cards or credit-card sized cards, including the loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, business cards and insurance cards, the Zhoma RFID Blocking Card Holder is a good choice. It is made of premium genuine leather with soft hardware and fabric lining. The wallet measures 4.5 inches by 3 inches by 1 inch and employs RFID technology to protect the credit card information. Each card slot will hold 1-2 cards. You can also place properly folded receipts and notes in the slots. If you do not like the card holder, you will benefit from the 100 percent money back guarantee.

Best Aluminum: LUNGEAR RFID Credit Card Holder Wallet

A credit card holder would not be complete without the RFID blocking technology and LunGear included that on this credit card holder. The wallet features a push button on its bottom to allow easier sliding out of cards. It measurement stands at 3.7 inches by 2.3 inches by 0.3 inches, which means that it can fit in your skinny jeans, front pocket and the small purse. Despite the small size, it will hold 7 cards at a time. The manufacturer uses aviation grade aluminum to make it and it is therefore durable. Lastly, it comes with a 12 months guarantee.

What Does The Back Of An Amazon Gift Card Look Like

Best Storage: Buvelife Leather Credit Card Holder Wallet for Women

You will definitely love the amount of space the Buvelife Credit Card Holder offers for receipts, cash and cards. In fact, with this wallet, you will be able to carry almost everything on your hand each day of the week. It has 36 credit card slots in addition to two cash compartments – each on one side to allow storage of cash or phone. It features a zipper around design, which will protect your private information and provide the wallet with a personalized, simple and fashionable design. Due to the RFID technology, which protects credit card information, you can take the wallet to any place such as camping ground, office, social events or outside activities. It is a perfect choice if you want to protect your traffic card, passport, license and business card.

Best Slim: Buffway Slim RFID Blocking Leather Credit Card Wallet

The Buffway Slim Credit Card Holder is a leather wallet suitable for both men and women. The card holder, which measures 1/8 inches b 4 1/16 inches by 1/8 inches, employs RFID technology and it is super thin. Due to its minimalist design, you will manage to carry it in your travel pack, purse or even pocket. The wallet employs RFID technology to keep your cards and IDs safe from bad people who might need to access the information. It is made of 100 percent leather and combines both style and minimalism. You can buy it to hand to someone as a gift or make it one of your daily carries.

Best For Women: Travelambo RFID Blocking Bifold Credit Card Holder Wallet with Zipper Pocket

Pictures Of Amazon Gift Card Front And Back

The Travelambo Womens RFID Credit Card Holder is practical and features a timeless design. It will, therefore, satisfy your taste for fashion and help you carry your credit cards and other documents throughout the day. The wallet is available in 24 different colors and therefore finding one to match your style is easy. It has 16 credit card slots and 1 ID window. Two of the slots are zipper to help you keep your documents safe. You can use the wallet to carry or organize your receipts, checkbook, cash, mobile and cards.

Best Thin: Boxiki RFID Blocking Sleeves, Identity Theft Prevention Credit Card Holders

Another cute credit card holder with RFID blocking sleeves is the Boxiki Credit Card Holder. The color coding will be more helpful for people who carry many cards at a time. It comes with 12 RFID sleeves to protect your credit cards. The rigid aluminum foil coating will prevent theft of your personal information. Thieves will never access the critical information of your smart cards such as card security, expiration dates, license numbers, PIN numbers, dates of birth and addresses. Without this protection, thieves can scan your cards from a distance and get the details without you noticing it.

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