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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos might be jacked and powerful now, but his photo shoot panache has really taken a nosedive.

  • 1 day ago  The article ran on Jan. 14 in AMI’s Us Weekly, along with canned quotes and the gentle headline, “First Photos Show Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Carefree After Scandal.”.
  • 1 hour ago  Jeff Bezos has sold 739,000 shares of his Amazon stock, and still owns over 52.4 million shares. Alex Wong/Getty Images Bloomberg reported that another filing indicates he.
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  • The genius of Amazon title and a picture of Jeff Bezos as the Dr Evil on The Economist. Montreal, Canada - June 30, 2020: The genius of Amazon title and a KUALA LUMPUR,MALAYSIA - JANUARY 28TH,2018: Amazon app display on android Play Store.Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos.

In the early years of Amazon (the mid-to-late '90s, when all style was perfect), Bezos seemed to have a penchant for corny, delightful photo opps. Jeff Bezos with a Pikachu and a drill, Jeff Bezos beside an insanely tall stack of books: these were the looks the CEO of favored.

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Now, Jeff Bezos is boring. In the most recent photos of him on Getty, he's either sitting near Donald Trump or wearing a gray vest, both of which are bad situations to be in! We bet he doesn't even mention Pikachu anymore.

Jeff Bezos and Bernie Sanders. Photo: Getty Images. Illustration: Inc. This is a story about Amazon, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Twitter.

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What happened, Jeff Bezos? Where has your style gone? And if you're going to mercilessly crush small businesses at every turn, can photos of you at least look like this again? Python datetime utcnow timestamp.

Photo Of Jeff Bezos

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