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Developer CCP probably didn’t set out to create the most important game of all time, but it’s certainly vying for the title with Eve Online. Since 2003, roughly 300,000 players have been fighting. EVE Online has provided a strong community of friends for Chappy78, who told PC Gamer that fighting pancreatic cancer in 2017 is just one in a long line of hardships he has faced, including being. EVE Online is more than an MMO. The requirements for 2160p / 60fps are pretty steep, but otherwise Outsiders shouldn't be a problem to run.

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Do you love gaming and are looking for a new place to play? Or maybe this is your first time trying an MMORPG, and you are keen to get started? Maybe you’ve heard amazing things about EVE Online and now is the time to try it. Whatever your reason for starting, we have all the advice you need to in our EVE online beginner’s guide for newbs who are raring to go.

Pcgamer Eve Online

But if you want a bit of background to the game, read on because there is some important information for beginners here too…

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What is an MMORPG?

MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing games. This is an exciting combination of two amazing things in gaming, giving the ability to play with thousands of other like-minded gamers whilst operating as a different entity in a fantasy world.

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These games are perfect for those who want to create another character and play in that persona whilst maintaining the community spirit and interaction of playing online with others. It’s a way to test out different personality traits and to make friends with people of a similar mindset all over the world.

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What is EVE Online all About?

Pc Game Eve Online

EVE Online is pretty much unique in its offering, making it one of the most incredible games around. Based in space with a spaceship theme, this is an ever-expanding sandbox game with no definitive ending. With literally countless paths for you to take it’s the sort of game that takes a lot of time to really get to know, and one wrong move could result in huge losses for the player, adding to the excitement.

It’s community-driven, so you are actively encouraged to work with others, meaning it has a thriving economy, perfect for interaction. This game encourages you into battle, so safe options aren’t welcome here! Plus you’ll get the opportunity to explore multiple professions and activities from war to politics, piracy to trading plus a whole load of space exploration across the 7,000 star systems.

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Playing with hundreds of thousands of other players, it’s a never-ending world of fascination and entertainment for all.


PC Gamer says “EVE Online is peerless. Its importance stands in isolation because no other developer has even attempted to match what it does, let alone tried to surpass it.”

Your Beginner’s Guide


Before you even get started, there are a few things you will need to do to complete your setup, including:

  • Choosing a character
  • Choose a race
  • Start playing
  • Pass a tutorial
  • Carry on playing in the life you create – now you’re on your own!

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Pcgamer Eve Online

Don’t forget, more information is in our EVE online beginner’s guide, so have a read of that before you get started to get the most out of it.

Pc Gamer Eve Online

No one tells you who or what to be in EVE Online. Whether it’s running a mega-corporation or flying the largest start ship, you can do whatever you choose. Make sure you complete your setup properly, and you can literally have hours/months/years of fun playing this incredible game.

Pcgamer Review Eve Online

I’ve wanted to try Eve Online for a while, mostly because it’s the top player-rated game on MMORPG.com. Well, that and it looked like it played a lot like Freelancer, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The final push to try it came with the ad for a free 14-day trial in PCGamer. And, I figured since most of the gnomes are on vacation or on an extended sabbatical, now would be a good time.
Signing Up
After typing in the link provided in the ad, I was greeted with a 404-error. Nice. I went to the main page, and tried a search for “free trial”. After a minute or so of thinking, it threw a “Cannot find Server” error. I began to wonder if it was even worth it. How stable can a game be if the site does not even work?
The next day I came back for another shot. Who knows, maybe the Eve Folk finally put up the promotional site. The PCGamer link still did not work and search yielded the same result. But, this time I would not be so easily discouraged. It was time to fall back on good ol’ Google.
Googling “eve online, free trial” resulted in a gaggle of links. I scanned down the list to find the first one that lead to Eve’s site; https://secure.eve-online.com/ft/?sk=GHELL. I guess PCGamer would not get the credit for my trial. Ah well.
Setting Up
From there it was smooth sailing. I entered an email address, clicked the link in the email message, downloaded the ~500MB file, ran it, launched the game and logged in! From start to gaming only took about 45 minutes. Things were looking up.
Character Creation
The character creation process is very nice. I’ll skip the details because it’s all available at the Eve Site. In summary, you select one of four races (each have different base looks and attributes), a bloodline and gender (each of which have a different look), and finally a career.
Entering the game world you are immediately greeted by the tutorial. That, too, is well done. It starts you with a very minimalist UI and builds on it as it introduces you to each facet of the game. When it covers the Market, the Market button is added to the screen, and so on.
One thing I found is that you need to follow the tutorial exactly. While it does a good job of helping you do that by tracking what forms you have open or where your ship is, there’s still room for slight deviations that can lead to mass confusion. For instance, I lost my home station. I can’t find it. At some point in the tutorial I managed to fly to another station. All the tutorial did was check to see that I was docked at a station, any station, and it continued. Now I’m semi-lost in space, though I can still move on in the tutorial.
Overview Post-Tutorial
I found that Eve is a lot like Freelancer. Kill pirates (or “Rats” as the game vets call them), loot their cargo and sell it or use it, run missions, improve your ship, etc. You can also mine asteroids for resources to sell, attack any player that takes your dropped cargo, and participate in the market. I have not done any of the last few things, so I cannot comment personally on them.
But I can say that flying, combat, and mining are kind of dull.
Flying is just setting a destination and letting the auto pilot take over. Sure, you can double-click anywhere in space to fly “manually” but… I dunno. I’m at a loss for words here.
Combat consists of having the auto pilot circle the target at set range and clicking the fire button. I asked in the Newbie chat channel if that’s all there was to it, and the reply was, “you don’t have to keep clicking the fire button.” Ah, so it’s even duller than I thought.
Mining is worse than that. You don’t have to orbit the asteroid. Sit and wait. (I guess that’s no different than harvesting in EQ2 or SWG when it existed)
While it’s very simplistic, it’s also very complicated. (Any game that has a two hour tutorial is pretty complicated in my book.) Learning skills allows you to use better ship equipment, as expected. But, selecting a skill to train can be an involved process. Skills are learned even when you are off-line, so many select one that can be learned in a short time right when they log in and select a longer one before they log off.
I need more game time to be able to write about some of the other details.
In a Nutshell
Eve Online is a good looking game, but it also has a steep learning curve. I find it difficult to endure the dull activities while I learn the finer nuances of the game. I’m also not a fan of being a ship. Sure, one can look at it as playing a captain of a ship with an implied crew wandering the universe instead of a person wandering the world, but I miss the face-to-face interaction even if it is only virtual.
In the end, when my 14 days are over, I do not think I’ll sign up for a full account.