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Disk Drill, the new generation of Pandora Recovery, will scan the user’s storage device and locate all of the files that have been deleted. The scanning phase is crucial to successful data recovery. Pandora Recovery is now Disk Drill, gains multiple extra features, yields excellent recovery quality, recovers archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files. Act now, your deleted data may get overwritten by new files if you keep using the storage media where it was lost.

A freeware data recovery software is one that helps you retrieve files deleted by mistake, repair corrupted files or resume files lost in a system crash. Among the best 10 available some are completely free while some have paid versions for enjoying unlimited benefits.

A good freeware recovery software will support the maximum number of file formats and data storage disks, whether internal or external. While most are only available for Windows OS, a few are also available for Mac OS and other operating systems such as Linux or SunOS. Most are easy and flexible to use, providing high data recovery.

What is the difference between freeware data recovery software and a free one?

To understand this, we need to take a look at these 2 terms first - freeware and free software. Freeware is licensed software that is available free of cost for you to use. You can download the original software for free and enjoy all its features for an unlimited period. An example of a popular freeware would be Skype.

Free software, on the other hand, is also available free of cost. However, it is not completely licensed. Apart from downloading and using it for free, you can even suggest any changes and up gradation in its features. It has copyright only on its name, not the entire product. A common example of such software is MySQL.

Coming to a freeware data recovery software, it is a software that allows you to recover files deleted by mistake, corrupted, or lost due to system crash or virus attack. While some of them have both paid and free versions, some are completely free. It is only for you to use and enjoy, not for distributing or editing it.

On the other hand, free software for data recovery would be one that you can download, use, and distribute. If you are a developer, you are even free to copy it, edit it, or improve it. The only thing you cannot have is the name of this software.

Given below, is a list of freeware data recovery software. All of them are licensed with complete copyrights. You may enjoy most or all of its features free of cost for as long as you want.

Top 10 Freeware Data Recovery Software 2020

The freeware recovery software tools have been listed based on their features as well as consumer reviews. They are all trusted and safe to use software tools used by millions of clients worldwide.

1. Recoverit Data Recovery

Recover 96% of your lost and deleted files in just 3 simple steps using Recoverit Data Recovery. This is the most widely used freeware to recover documents, photos, videos, graphics, and audio files. While the free version allows you to recover up to 100 MB in a year, the paid plans are unlimited.

The software is supported by both Windows and Mac machines. Apart from the internal storage, it recovers files from external drives, OS crash, virus attacks, and empty recycle bins too. You’ll need 56 MB in your PC to install this software.


  • Easy and flexible to use
  • The high recovery rate of 96%
  • The initial scan, also known as the quick scan has a good speed
  • Supports all kinds of file formats like .xml, .xls, .docx, .pdf, etc.


  • 100 MB a year may prove to be less
  • Deep scanning sometimes takes time

2. PhotoRec

When it comes to deleted photos, this is one of the most popular choices of data recovery software. This is because apart from Windows and Mac, it is also compatible with Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, ARM, and SunOS.

Apart from photos, you can recover several other files using this software too. It even helps you recover files from SD cards, phone memory, and digital cameras. You can rely on it no matter how damaged your file system is.


  • Can be installed in all operating system software
  • Works well with small devices
  • Supports around 440 different file formats


  • Not very user-friendly
  • Does not support Samsung and Epson’s digital cameras

3. Pandora Recovery

Recently, Pandora Recovery has introduced its new software for both Windows and Mac, called Disk Drill. The free version can recover files up to 500 MB, supporting all formats. The UI is made very simply. So, you don’t have to be very tech-savvy to use this software.

They have over 10 million users across more than 150 countries in the world. This is mainly because of its flexibility, high speed, affordability, and user-friendly interface. Whether your files are corrupt, encrypted, or compressed, you can easily recover them using Disk Drill 4, the current version of Pandora Recovery.


  • Allows free recovery up to 500 MB
  • Both quick scan and deep scan are extremely fast
  • User-friendly software
  • Supports all file formats


  • Does not support all storage devices
  • Asks you to install a browser during installation
  • The paid version for unlimited recovery is relatively expensive

4. Puran File Recovery

The latest version, 1.2.1 was released in 2016 and has been used by many. The maximum storage space you need in your PC is only 2.26 MB. It is completely free, irrespective of how much data you want to recover.

The software supports more than 50 file formats. It can recover corrupted files and files deleted due to formatting. The search box helps you work faster and the overall interface is easy to use. You have an option for a quick scan, deep scan, and a full scan.


  • Completely free for unlimited files
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Easy to use interface


  • Available only for Windows OS, not Mac or other operating systems
  • Gets slow at times, especially for recovering a greater number of files
  • It is only free for personal use, not commercial use
Pandora recovery disk drill

5. PC Inspector

Based in Europe, the CONVAR group of companies presents a PC Inspector, a freeware for data recovery. This is another free software available for Windows OS users without any limitations on the amount of data you wish to recover.

The smart recovery retrieves data from smart media, flash card, multimedia card, memory stick, microdrive, and other digital camera storage devices. It supports around 50 file formats, whether deleted by mistake, corrupted, or lost by a system crash.


  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Free for unlimited data recovery
  • Works at a good speed


  • Can only be installed on Windows
  • The software hangs sometimes, as per users’ feedbacks
  • Supports limited file formats compared to other freeware

6. Recuva

Yet another free software for data recovery that is only designed for Windows operating system. It is a portable software that allows you to recover data from external drives and disks. However, the free version allows limited recovery of files.

The freeware is quick to install and use. The FAQs and helpdesk are useful in case you face any problems or have any queries. For unlimited data recovery and automatic updates, the premium version is better.


  • Available in 37 different languages
  • Good customer support – online and offline
  • Works fast, also speeding up your PC
  • Helps with privacy protection


  • Not available for Mac users
  • The free version needs to be updated manually
  • Sometimes, the deep scan can be slow

7. Stellar Phoenix

This freeware is specially designed for photo recovery. Established for more than 26 years, it has a user base of more than 3 million customers spread across more than 190 countries. It is known for supporting almost all file formats and recovering data from the most damaged drives.

You can recover corrupt files, email files, and data present in unbootable disks. It is available for all Windows operating systems, free of cost. However, to obtain unlimited recovery and all the features, you need to subscribe to a paid version.


  • Can recover files from encrypted drives and disks
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Helps recover deleted emails
  • Supports plenty of storage devices and file formats


  • Supports only Windows Operating System
  • Requires 250 MB free space in the hard disk and at least 2 GB memory
  • The premium packages are quite expensive

8. Undelete 360

This software is popular for recovering image files. Whether deleted accidentally, corrupted, lost in system crash or corruption of the disc, you can easily recover files using this freeware. The free version allows you to recover up to 200 MB.

It supports almost all file types, present in ZIP folders, external memory cards and sticks, flash drive, USB drive, and hard discs. It is a trusted, licensed software with proper customer support and tutorial guides available on their official site.


  • Easy and quick to use
  • Free video tutorials and FAQs available
  • Supports all file formats and storage devices


  • Not available for Windows 10 or Mac OS, only supports older versions of Windows
  • Requires at least 15 MB free space in the hard disk
  • Cannot recover data from bootable disks

The Bottom Line

War thunder 1.77. Software that works with a high speed, has a high recovery rate, is easy to use, and supports all file formats. Considering that the freeware can be installed in both Windows and Mac, you can easily use Recoverit. It is one software that has all the features necessary in a good freeware data recovery software.

Any software you use needs to have a user-friendly interface and a good speed. Recoverit is very quick when it comes to the initial scan. It also responsibly works on upgrading the software, removing any bugs. Except for unlimited recovery, you get every other feature it has in the free version.

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