Pakistani Drama 2019

Pakistani drama 2019 hum tvPakistani Drama 2019

Director and Writer of Drama Qismat

The drama revolves around two close friends who are like sisters, Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) and Sajida (Samiya Mumtaz). Sheedan is married to Majid (Rehan Sheikh). While, Sajida is a widowed. Highest-ranking Pakistani dramas of 2019! We all know how much Pakistani ladies love to watch drama serials for entertainment. Similarly, the adaptive ‘TV’ culture has brought out some exceptional masterpieces from the entertainment industry this year.

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Writer: Asma Siyani
Director: Fahim Burney
OST: Composed by Sohail Hyder, Arshman Khan
Producer: Momina Duraid productions

The cast of Drama Qismat

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  • This 2019 Pakistani drama was loved by all and revolved around the story of a married couple, and how their life changes due to the male protagonist's anger and his constant threatening of divorce. The show was aired on Ary Digital and is freely available online.
Pakistani Drama 2019Pakistani Drama 2019

Minal khan as Soha
Sharmeen Ali as Maham
Shaheen Khan as Asiya
Nasir as Soha’s Father
Faizan Khuwaja as Rayan
Kamran Jillani as Adnan
Khalid Bin Shaheen as Shabeer (Raya and Adnan’s father)
Mariam Mirza as Rasheda (Rayan’s mother)
Waleed as Soha’s lover

Pakistani latest drama serial Qismat on HUM TV telecasted on 31 August 2019, cast by Minal Khan, Faizan Khuwaja, Kamran Jillani and Sharmeen Ali in a major role. Based on a story of an effervescent girl, how her life turned after her marriage life. Jumble story of Soha with Rayan becomes rigorous of every viewer of HUM TV. This story started from marriage life of Soha with Ryan after that Rayan go to abroad for his further studies. Behind this all, Soha starts linking Waleed and demand to Rayan for divorce but Rayan don’t want it. A spin roll started of this drama serial from its starting series that how a love marriage turned into divorce demanding.

Pakistani Drama 2019 Completed

Review of Drama Qismat

Many reviews make sound about this drama serial that Soha’s sister’s brother-in-law fall in love with her but Soha likes another person and demand for divorce from Rayan but her sister force her hard to change her decision because nobody from her family except Rayan mother’s, want this connection in any issuance of judicial separation (divorce).

But this drama takes another turn after the car accident of Soha’s sister and leaving their young baby behind. Now the questions raised here, what will happen with Soha’s divorce demand. As on the name of this drama serial Qismat, all the story turned into twisted thrill after that accident. Rahab (young baby), only be handled by Soha becomes the reason for this story to save Soha and Rayan from divorce because Rahab cannot live without Soha.
Rayan thanks to ALLAH to save his marriage life with due to the reason of Rahab as we all said: “Har kaam mein Hamare Raab ki taraf sy bethtri hoti hy”. But on the other hand, Waleed’s devious and guile mother Bilquis and his sister Sara planned to force Waleed to come back to home. After he came back home, meet Soha and force her to divorce and let’s get married now. But now Soha because of Rahab don’t want to divorce from Rayan and make excuse to Waleed for going back to home. But in her mind, Waleed’s proposal makes her more confused but as some typical drama serial, everyone jungled with each other for the battle of divorce and Rahab’s responsibility.

But audience waits for the twists and tumble in this drama serial that what decision Soha take for her life, either she wants to divorce or stay with Rayan and Rahab.

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It becomes interesting suspense for everyone but in the last episode, it was a happy ending with apologized from Waleed to Soha for all his bad deeds, he did to marry her and Soha and Rayan promised to each other to live together and start loving each other.

Pakistani drama 2019 completed

Happy ending with the best name of this Drama serial Qismat on 16 February 2020 ends on, whatever you want to try but it will happen when it’s in your fate.