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After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best over the toilet leaning shelf of 2021. Check our ranking and reviews below. Are you looking for the over the toilet leaning shelf of 2021? Romance University supports to analyzes, compares, reviews from consumer report, our expert community. Shop Pottery Barn for expertly crafted bathroom shelves over toilet. From furniture to home decor, we have everything you need to create a stylish space for your family and friends. Unlike pantry or closet shelves, most over-the-toilet storage units don't have adjustable shelves. So, if you have large, decorative glass jars for soaps and cotton balls or larger art and knickknacks, they might not fit. However, this unit from The Container Store features foldable shelves.

Do you need more storage in your bathroom? Check out this stylish yet very functional over the toilet leaning shelf.

This space-saving unit gives you 3 long shelves on which you can keep towels, toilet paper and other toiletries. Plus, the open design makes items easy to find and access when you need them.

Easy Way to Take Advantage of User-Friendly Space in the Bathroom…

Typically, the area above and behind the toilet gets overlooked as far as storage goes. However, it provides the ideal spot to keep frequently-used items like reading material, soap etc.

Not to mention, the shelves offer the perfect spot to display photos, artwork and plants. Now, you don’t have to drill a hole into your wall or install a shelf or bracket.

How Does it Compare to Other Ladder Shelves?

Compared to other ladder bookshelves, this unit features a more solid, sturdy framework. In other words, it has 4 legs instead of just 2.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this storage rack slipping around or tipping over. We definitely don’t need to worry about furniture issues in the bathroom, right?

You’ll also notice that each shelf has its own rear and side railings to prevent contents from falling off the edge.

Handy, right? Plus, I think it increases the sturdiness of the structure even more.

Upgraded Style Built Right In to the Furniture…

Overall, I like the design of this over-the-toilet leaning shelf. It features a simple, minimal style that has a clean, sleek look. (Perfect for a bathroom, right?)

At the same time, the angled outer leg gives it a unique, modern appeal. Essentially, this feature can upgrade your space without looking too trendy.

This practical furnishing enables you to keep organized and clear up clutter without a lot of effort. Stow stuff out of the way while still keeping it within close reach.

Plus, dues to its slim slanted shape, this toilet shelf unit works well even in tiny bathrooms. In other words, it won’t overwhelm a small space like some deep models can.

LadderBathroom ladder shelf over toilet

Specs for the Over the Toilet Leaning Shelf:

  • Dimensions: 61.5″ Tall x 25″ Wide x 10″ Deep
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Material: Engineered Wood with Protective Laminate Finish
  • 3 Color Options: Soft White, Grey or Espresso Brown
  • Assembly Required
  • Model #: SS17-UTX102
  • Manufacturer: UTEX

Note: By the way, I don’t think that this “over-the-toilet” unit is limited to just bathrooms. For example, I think it could provide really convenient storage in a laundry room above a hamper.

Alternatively, you could place it behind a trash can in a kitchen or above a file cabinet in a home office. Just think of all the new storage space you could create out of thin air. =)

Because bathrooms are comparatively so small, creating storage space in them can be a real challenge. One possibility you may not have considered is to build a leaning bathroom shelf above the toilet tank. We teamed up with Jamison Rantz of Rogue Engineer to develop a rustic ladder-style shelf using Simpson Strong-Tie® Outdoor Accents® structural wood screws and hex-head washers. Learn how easy it is to build this leaning bathroom shelf. Be sure to check out his video at the end of this post.

Leaning Bathroom Shelf

In an effort to get things like extra toilet paper, hand towels and accessories off the floor and to reduce the counter clutter in our guest bathroom, we decided to build a leaning shelf to add some storage space. This was a quick and easy project that could be completed with only a few tools and three pieces of lumber found at almost any home improvement center.

When planning this project, we knew the construction-grade lumber would give it a rustic look — a look that could be refined with a good sanding and a nice dark finish. We also liked the idea of adding a subtle industrial flair to it. We accomplished that with the Outdoor Accents® structural wood screws and hex-head washers and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Read on to see just how easily this project came together.


Download the plans (pdf): Leaning Bathroom Shelf

Required Tools

• Drill/driver
• Circular saw and speed square
• Sander
• Tape measure
• Pencil
• Safety glasses
• Hearing protection


• (2) 2×6 x 8′ lumber
• (1) 2×8 x 8′ lumber
• 3 ½” Outdoor Accents® structural wood screws (12-pack)
• Outdoor Accents® hex-head washer (8-pack)
• Wood glue (optional)

Cut List

If you don’t have a miter saw, the 5° miter can be cut with a circular saw and a speed square. Simply pivot the corner of the speed square about the end of the board until the 5° mark on the speed square lines up with the side of the board.

Next, strike a line, clamp the board down to your work surface, and cut along the line with a circular saw.

War thunder p2w

After you have all the pieces cut, you can sand the front corners of the shelves smooth and round.

Step 1: Marking the Shelf Locations

With the side and shelves cut, you can start to lay out the shelf locations. Below is a diagram that will show you exactly where they go.

Lay out the shelf locations using a speed square the same way you did for the cuts. Mark the shelf locations on the inside of each side.

Step 2: Finishing

With some projects, it’s easier to finish the lumber prior to assembly, and this is one of those projects. Since it would be near impossible to finish the wood with the hardware already installed, we went ahead and stained and sealed each piece individually.

Step 3: Assembling the Leaning Shelf

With the pieces dry, it’s time for the final assembly. Start by marking out the screw holes. Find the center of the side and make a mark ¾” higher than the lines you marked earlier for the shelf locations. This will ensure that the screw goes through the middle of the shelf. Now predrill each screw location to prevent the sides from splitting.

After predrilling the screw locations lay out the sides and shelves. Attach the shelves using the Outdoor Accents® structural wood screws and hex-head washers. You can use the diagram below as an example.

Enlisting a second pair of hands when installing the shelves can make this step much easier.

To lessen any mess, we opted not to add glue to our joints. Even without glue, the shelves were quite stable and resisted rotation. I think we’ll be all right because we don’t plan on storing anything very heavy on these shelves, nor do we do we expect anyone to try using them as steps. If you want to further reduce the chances of shelf rotation, you could add glue at the connections or toenail the sides to the back of each shelf.

Over The Toilet Ladder

Here’s the finished product!

Over The Toilet Leaning Shelf

Hopefully, you enjoyed this project. If you want to check out more how-to projects like this, be sure to head on over to rogueengineer.com. Until our next project, be safe and happy building!

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Over The Toilet Leaning Ladder Shelf

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