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Download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install. No system libraries or system preferences are altered. Most AppImages run on recent versions of Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and other common desktop distributions. Running jitsi-meet on Linux without installation. Jitsi does not solve the problem as it's recording on the server-side only. Until now, I have not found any FOSS tool that does this. This project could be a potential library/plugin to be integrated with Jitsi.

after some weeks of work I could manage to integrate jitsi-meet besides my existing server.
I’ve had some trouble to manage proxy with apache on OpenSuSE. But now it’s working. Maybe someone can use the configuration below.

The videoserver can be reached from the internet through fully qualified domain name
It has a working certificate from letsencrypt. It is reached through a gateway with apache2 on openSuSE 15.2. This one forwards packets to port 443 via proxy to
Other ports that jitsi needs are forwarded to jitsi-machine directly by the router connected to the internet.
My bandwidth is theoretically 100Mbit downstream and 40Mbit upstream.

There are about 25 pupils connected, only one camera is running. Everything is working just fine.
So, thank you very, very much for your efforts to offer jitsi to the community. Without this project there would be no lessons anymore, because the services government offers break down regularly.

But there is one small problem, that’s annoying and I want to solve.
There are many errors that Chromium sends on the console all the time:

Opensuse Jitsi

There are many INFO-lines, no ERROR-lines, some WARNING-lines in jicofo.log. I don’t think, they’re relevant to the problem:

There are many INFO-lines, no ERROR-lines, some WARNING-lines in jvb.log. I don’t think, they’re relevant to the problem:

This is the configuration:



Xampp pdf. on



Port-Forwarding on Router

Packets to Port 443 that has to go to videoserver jitsi will be forwarded by apache2 on linux-164k - see default-vhost-ssl.conf.
Rules 1 to 6 are needed for all other services than jitsi-videoserver.
Rules 7 to 10 are directly forwarded to jitsi-videoserver.
Rule 9 is needed because of German Telekom reserves Port 10000 for themselves.

In the times of Covid-19 and the people staying at home it is an adventure to get the tools to work from home without missing the benefits of face-to-face meetings.

There are a lot of solutions out in the wild. But one promising solution is Jitsi. Until now we used the instances provided by other people.

But now we are able to introduce:

It is based on openSUSE Leap 15.1 and uses docker containers to deploy Jitsi. The current security warnings were also considered, furthermore the setup uses secure LDAP and HTTPS.

You need an openSUSE(community) account to login.

A few remarks about

  • It is a 8 CPU VM with 16 GB of RAM
  • This is still a “Beta” system
  • We don’t know how Jitsi scales
  • We will try to keep the downtimes as low as possible

The plan for the future is to package jitsi for openSUSE and to deploy an instance with packages.

Opensuse Jitsi

If you find bugs or experience any problems please report to [email protected] or find me on Freenode with the nick lethliel.

I hope you enjoy it and have fun :-)


Jitsi Opensuse Install

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Jitsi Opensuse Leap

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