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Jitsi Meet, the multi-platform videoconferencing solution (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS), has the particularity of being modular, light and efficient. Intended for the professional, educational and health sectors, Jitsi is positioned as a turnkey package for online meetings and collaborative work. Jitsi allows hosts to auto-view the active speaker or click on any attendee to see their video, lock a room with a password, mute all participants (or all but one) at once, screen sharing, streaming a conference to YouTube live, raise or lower your hand for attention, push-to-talk mode, play a YouTube video to all attendees call, and has an audio-only option. Starting an Online Meeting via Jitsi Similar to Whereby, you launch a meeting with your own name in the browser, which you share with others. While you can set up a variety of different level security levels, naming your meeting appropriately is basically the initial level. Another thing to note: It’s easy to connect your calendar to Jitsi. This app lets you join or start an online Jitsi Meet audio/video meeting on the fly. There is no account setup process required to use this app. A simple and efficient user interface allows you to join/start a meeting quickly by entering a meeting name and optionally the Jitsi server URL. Real-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers.

The Jitsi Meet is an application used for conducting online meetings and gatherings. This application was founded in 2015, but its usage has increased dramatically since the year 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is helpful for a variety of different purposes like for online webinars, online courses, for business meetings and conferences, educational tutorials and a lot more.

The application serves as a saviour amidst the pandemic to keep the world working and function between hard times. This article will highlight some of the benefits and drawbacks of using the Jitsi Meet application for online meetings.

Advantages of Jitsi Meet

  • Sharing Content:

The Jitsi Meet is a perfect platform for conducting meetings and sharing a variety of content through it. The users can share Powerpoint presentations, word documents, files and many other types of content during a session.

This makes it useful and effortless to organize the data sharing on a call.

  • Accessible to Conduct Business Meetings:

The platform is useful for conducting business meetings and conference calls with reaching the motive of the meeting.

It also helps to work remotely with staying updated and functional with work. Hence, it is an easy and efficient way to carry out multiple tasks by conducting a meeting on the Jitsi Meet.

Business meetings or conferences, educational classes and many more types of gatherings are conducted smoothly with the help of Jitsi Meet.

  • Various tools:

Jitsi Meet has access to various types of tools for conducting meetings smoothly. It also has a variety of inbuilt tools to support meetings and conferences.

Google Calendar, Google docs, Google sheets and many other Google tools are accessible by the application. Moreover, Microsoft tools are also usable in meetings and conferences.

This allows the host to conduct meetings effectively and in a productive manner. The devices also benefit the attendees as it provides pre-information about the meeting schedules. This helps the attendees and audience to block their time and manage their programs according to the meeting.

  • No App required:

Users can conduct or join a meeting from the web version without creating an account. There is no requirement or compulsion to download the application version of Jitsi Meet.

Xampp innodb. This makes it easy to conduct multiple meetings in a day and manage the data for every session.

Moreover, there is no need to update the application regularly. Accordingly, managing backup data also becomes easy and straightforward. It serves as an excellent benefit for large businesses and organisations which need to conduct multiple meetings in a day.

  • Saving meetings to access offline:

The Jitsi Meet is a perfect platform which saves the meetings and the data shared during the meetings in an effective manner. The users can access the meetings and calls at offline mode after downloading the data.

This makes it easier for business meetings, educational institutions, webinars and many other organisations to supply the recordings of the meetings and conferences after they are conducted to the absent attendees.

  • Stream meetings on the social platform:
Online Meeting Jitsi

The meetings and conferences can be streamed live on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and many more.

Around two millions of people use Facebook and other social media platforms. This makes it quite simple to assemble a large number of audience to the content of the meeting.

Hence, Jitsi Meet is a perfect platform to conduct seminars on promotional content, webinars, educational courses and many more types of content which requires a high amount of traffic to the content.

  • Chatting is a Option:

The Jitsi Meet provides an effective chat option during the meeting and calls. This makes it easy for a large number of attendees to have a smooth conversation during the session.

It also serves well during the meeting and conference with employees to discuss a topic. Moreover, the host of the meeting can block the chat option for other users to avoid any kind of unnecessary chat or conversation in the meeting.

Disadvantages of Jitsi Meet

  • Security Issues:

The Jitsi Meet platform fails to provide adequate security and privacy for the meetings. The meetings are not fully encrypted, and hence it makes the data shared available and accessible to the company owners.

Moreover, hackers can easily access the data and meetings by attacking the central server of the application. However, no invasive activities are noticed in the application during the meetings. But still, the platform does not serve well for the security of data.

Hence, it is not an excellent option to opt for when conducting confidential business meetings, government department meetings and many other types of confidential source sharing gatherings.

  • Large storage space required:

Storing and saving the data of the meetings offline requires a high storage space. However, one can stream the meeting on youtube and get the purpose of storing data.

Regardless, this does not serve well for business meetings and conferences as it has some confidential information about the business and therefore, can not be shared and streamed on social media platforms. Management of the content and data of a long meeting is a stressful and tedious process.

This makes it inconvenient for the large businesses and organisations which conduct multiple sessions on a single day to keep the data safe and access it whenever required.

  • Not suitable for a broad audience:

The Jitsi Meet is not suitable and does not support the large audience gathering. Maximum attendees can be up to 200. However, when attendees cross the number of 75, the quality of meeting and connection process deteriorates.

  • Short Time-Period Sessions:

A maximum of 3 hours of the meeting can be conducted on the application. This makes it impossible for large businesses, organisations, webinars and many other types of institutes which require conducting an appointment for a broad audience and for a longer duration on the application.

  • Low video and audio quality:

The video and audio quality of the meeting or calls on the Jitsi Meet are not robust. It fails to provide a user-friendly experience to the attendees and the host of the meeting.

This makes a long time-consuming meeting inappropriate to attend and also makes it stressful to continue with the remote working in this pandemic.

There are multiple sound lags experienced during the ongoing meeting, which makes the Jitsi Meet fail to match with the quality of the call.

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Currently, the best way to communicate and reach out to other people is through platforms that allow us to make video calls or conferences. Jitsi Meet is one of this apps and it is the favorite of many because it is free, easy to use, and it doesn’t have any limitations. In this app you can call all the people you want for all the time you want, hold large conferences with all the people you need and they don’t even need to have the app installed. It is such a powerful tool nowadays, so on this post we tell you how to download Jitsi Meet and how to start using it.

How to download Jitsi Meet?

Getting this app on your device is easy. You can download Jits in your smartphone through a simple process and it is a fast step by step process that you can do right now. You can do it through this post or do it directly through the app store of your device.

Online Meeting Platforms Jitsi

The first option is to tap on the download button that we leave you in this post. Then, tap on your device OS system, Android or iOS. The page will take you to the app store for you and you will be able to download Jitsi Meet from there. Just tap on the Install button, accept the terms and conditions of this app and wait until the process is completed and you get the app installed.

The second option is to open your app store and find the app by its name. The rest of the process is the basically the same. Tap on the Install button, accept the conditions and wait a couple of minutes. Once the app is installed, you are able to start using it once you create your account in it.

How to use Jitsi Meet to make calls?

Jitsi Online Meeting Erstellen

As we mentioned, through this app you can call anybody. Friends, family, coworkers, clients, everybody. They don’t need the app. You just create the conference room and you send them a link. They tap on it and it will redirect them to the room chat you created. They can talk to you in a videocall easily in this platform, and your conversation will be encrypted and private by default.

Jitsi Meet Installation

The best feature is that this app doesn’t have any limits. So, you can create a conference with all the people you need. The only limit will be your own bandwidth and speed. Also, it doesn’t have time limit, so you can talk with your people as long as you want to. This make the conversation easier, efficient and fast. This is way people love this app and they are using it to communicate with everybody. You can also do this just by downloading it.

Web Meeting Jitsi

Another great feature is that you don’t even need to create an account. You just create your room, set up a password and you can start using the app immediately. Other people don’t need an account either.