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Dozens of Bitnami open source applications can be quickly and easily installed on top of your XAMPP server or deployed in the cloud — for a broad range of use cases from blogs to ecommerce, business automation to eLearning. By using a Bitnami package, you'll get the added benefits of optimizations for performance, the most up-to-date releases. Hey guys,Today I showing How to Change localhost to a Custom Domain.COM /.ME Name in XAMPP on WindowsOnline Traning Center: And H.

Are there any conflicts between openerp and xampp?

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If you are talking about a cponflict as in WAR, I don't think so. :)


openERP is an ERP, with its own server (port 8069)

Odoo xampp software

Odoo Xampp Software

Odoo Xampp

XAMPP is a combination of programs, which happen to be able to serve webpages. By default Apache (the A) is responding to port 80 and sometimes 443 (depending on configuration). It is possible to modify either openERP or Apache to respond to other ports, but if you stick to the default config, they should not be in each others way. Vidya serial.

Odoo Xampp

The one thing I think of which might give you some issues, is the dependencies of openERP and what XAMPP is installing. There might be some conflicts with these, also depending on the OS you are installing your programs.


Why not install both of them, and give us a small report what happened and what you think of it...