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These are the list of top 10 latest Pakistani dramas 2020, with the detail of cast & no of episodes. I mentioned his latest Pakistani dramas list 2020 on my. However, Pakistani dramas have proven themselves to be a very different genre. The beautiful use of the Urdu language along with the realistic portrayals of everyday life have helped Pakistani dramas carve their own niche in the entertainment industry. Having watched Pakistani dramas for many years, there are quite a few I would highly recommend. Here is a list of 10 best upcoming Pakistani dramas of 2021 that everyone should watch. Raqeeb Se is one of the most romantic upcoming Pakistani dramas of 2021. It features Iqra Aziz Hussain of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2018) fame. The drama also has a stellar cast including Noman Ijaz, Saba Faisal Sania Saeed, Fayal Mehmood Raheal to. Oyeyeah brings it all right here for you; You can find the list of all the Top Pakistani dramas that are must-watch once in a lifetime if you are Pakistani drama fans. Moreover, by clicking on your favorite drama it will show you the names of the Pakistani celebrities -cast in. This has to be the greatest pakistani drama ever with some of the best performance by Samiya Mumtaz and Faisal Qureshi,this made a lot of people cry,this has to be the perfect tear jerker ever,the story is amazing,the soundtrack is another thinga altogether. 3 stories of Pakistani's family living in New York. Stars: Nouman Ijaz, Adeel Husain.

The Pakistani drama industry is working quite efficaciously, it is growing productively and giving a platform to our talented generation to present their skills of act or present. The year 2019 is bringing loads of great assignments for the spectators to watch, Pakistani dramas are always endorsed by the viewer due to their quality of story, presentation and length of the story. There is great competition between all the channels of Pakistani entertainment industry and it is giving a tough time to choose the best of best serials. Subsequent are the top most dramas picked to be must watch:

1. Baba Jani

This drama serial is being presented by Geo TV (Entertainment). In this sequel, they try to present the reflection of relationships that how sisters can betray each other just to have a hold on their brother and his money. On the other hand, their brother is still generous and loyal with his sisters for him relationship matter the most!

2. Kamzarf

This is a production of Geo Television (Entertainment), another reflection of this generation’s relationships. The serial revolves around an elder sister who was forced to look after her younger siblings after their parents sad demise. Because she was burdened with such a huge responsibility at an early age, now as they grow up, the elder one wishes everyone to oblige by her rules and serve her with the best.

3. Dil kya kary

As the name reflects it has a key role of a love story between cousins, the girl used to live in USA and her parents die in a plane crash and the twist in the story is she loves one of his friend while his cousin loves her. On the other hand boy (named Armaan) his mother dislike this girl who is her cousin as well as his love, and when Armaan got to know that the girl loves another guy who is his friend also he sacrificed his love for the girl’s happiness.

4. Bandish

A drama present by channel Ary Digital,Bandish highlights the aspect of black magic in our society. On a sad note, the drama has attracted negative critic from much a greater part of the audience upon reflecting the major issues of the society. It has shown how people use black magic as a weapon to win over others, hurt them and feed their egos, greed or jealousy at any cost.

5. Kaisa hai naseeban

Another serial by ary digital channel, kaisa hai naseeban is based on the story of a girl who got married to her cousin living in Malaysia. Her in-laws betrayed her parents, while dodging them about their income and settlement in foreign country. The married woman now has to face family, financial and behavioural issues from her husband which is what one of the bitter truths of our society.

6. Cheekh

This serial is a product of Ary digital in which story starts from a lively and friendly atmosphere, and suddenly gets into a suspense line. The drama has gathered great audience with sinning suspense where a rich family starts a never ending torturous game with their “bahu”, Mannat. The fighter lady promises to stand strong and win against her brother-in-law who is the murderer of her friend.

7. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

A differently scripted drama serial, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has surely won millions of hearts across Pakistan. This Hum Tv production introduces a sharp girl from ghettoes, who was in blind love with a mediocre boy. Somehow she gets herself in a situation such that she has to burn the boat behind for sinless life. The best thing about this drama is definitely the character of “Bhoola” played by Bilal Ashraf. This innocent and funny being gets married to Noori, taking a sensibly entertaining turn.


8. Aangan

Beautiful portrayal of life before and after partition, Aangan comes across as a strong casted drama serial which has been spectacularly penned down. From story line to costumes and set, everything is surely bang on!

9. Beti

The Ary Digital sponsored series Beti, is screened around old school of thought for daughters as being a “boojh” and the misbalanced society love for male dominancy. The story entangles itself for atrocities a girl face as daughter, mother and wife in such society. The fatality of the main character who has to forcefully leave the house as she gave birth to a girl and cannot produce male successor of the family.

10. Mere hamdam

Another new series is on air at Hum Tv is Mere Hamdam, another love story. The story mentions of a girl full of energy falling in love with a man who is nothing but a playboy. After her marriage, she finds herself surrounded with problems but still, she promises to stay put and strong against all odds.

11. Log kya kahain gay


Hum Tv production ‘Log Kya kahain gay’ showcases the beautiful bond of friendship. Two best friends force their parents to marry them off in the same family as they cannot dream of separating from one another. But once they enter the same walls, their friendship takes a bitter turn and go through the actual test of life.

Highest Rated Pakistani Dramas

New Pakistani Drama

12. Dil-e-Bereham

This drama serial is being presented on A-Plus Tv.The story is based on two people of opposite personalities Ayeza and Tabish who get involved romantically. The girl enters Tabish’s life to destroy his family as a token of revenge, but the cupid his them hard, they fall in love and situations changes soon enough.

13. Qadam Qadam Ishq

A new series ‘Qadam Qadam Ishq’ is on air on A-Plus Tv with a castthat is very much attracting the audience. The story line is based on the young generation of these days, targeted towardsthree friends studying together in a college. It is a love story involving three people side by side.

14. Qaid

Another on-going lovely drama at Geo Television is ‘Qaid’. A very pretty, introverted and generous girl named Reham, who loves her father is committed to her cousin who also likes her. However, the story revolves around the tragedy that strikes Reham on her wedding day. Now how does she and her fatjer cope up with the situation is what the drama will further showcase.

15. Mariam Pereira

This lovely drama serial is being premiered on TV ONE these days. The story is about the corrupt land maffiyah and jageer system of our country. The drama depicts how minorities are depressed of their elementary rights and the rich easily get away with their sins.

Pakistani New Drama Songs

16. Deedan

Shot in the scenic, calm and breath-taking valleys of Gilgit Baltistan and Hunza Valley, this drama is about a couple in love. The father of the girl does not approve of their relationship whereas the girl is determined to marry the love of her life. The Jirga than sentences the girl to be killed but her partner tries to save her. Is he able to save her life? You may have to watch the serial for an answer.

17. Anaa

Anaa is an upcoming drama on hum tv network.It is about to release in the month of February. The sequel shot in the North of Pakistan is promoting the beauty of our country and the story line is about a girl who tries to bring close her alienated parents and showcases three generations of the family.

18. Man gharat

Upcoming drama ‘Man Gharat’ is soon to be premiered on ARY digital.The story revolves around the societal issues of women in our country. Drama is based on a girl named Mariam who is facing loads of problems in life yet she tries to stay strong, put and positive.

19. Mere Pas Tum Ho

A drama portraying the love life of yesteryear’s hero Nadeem Baig, Mere Pas Tum Ho is waiting to be aired with a strong cast including Humayoun Saeed and Ayeza Khan as the lead. This is serial is surely going to entertain the audience.

Pakistani drama industry is thriving and producing more dramas than ever before. This is the reason why every season, the viewers get to see some great as well as some not so great dramas. A good storyline, interesting and layered characters along with powerful direction help in making Most popular Pakistani dramas. It is very easy for the drama makers to bring similar sort of dramas to the forefront, that is why, those dramas which have something different to it end up standing out more and doing well in terms of popularity.

Industry is producing content on regular basis to entertain viewers at the best. These dramas are based on different stories related to social issues as well as domestic troubles. However, some of these dramas fail to portray the true essence of any issue discussed related to society. Most of the dramas these days are good in story-line as well as in terms of direction and acting. Here we have got the list of Latest Best Pakistani Dramas You Must Watch in 2020. Check out this list!

Saath nibhana saathiya

Latest Best Pakistani Dramas You Must Watch in 2020


Sabaat is based on an amazing idea which is quite different from those of conventional subjects. It’s story revolves around different aspects i.e. psychological, financial in terms of status, social pressures, and family life. The lead cast of this drama serial includes Sarah Khan, Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gillani, and Usman Mukhtar. The story is going on and with lows and highs, twists and turns, where every episode is revealing new ends. You can watch it every Sunday at 08:00 PM only on Hum TV.


Kashf revolves around the main, title character ‘Kashf’ played by Hira Mani and her struggles in life. However, her life issues are beyond the husband, saas and nand matters. It is a harsh reality of our country that is not mostly explained and remains a taboo topic to a certain extent. The story revolves around how Wajdaan (Junaid Khan) helps her to get rid of the cage of society’s evil-minded people.

Mehar Posh


Mehar Posh has something special about it and that is the real-life couple Danish and Ayeza starred together in the drama. The beginning of this drama showed Shah Jahan a very helpful individual and is always running around doing chores for Mehru’s family. You can watch this one of the best Pakistani dramas every Friday on 08:00 PM at Geo TV.


Tarap is a story of love, sacrifice, hardships and twists caused by misunderstanding at different stages.

New Pakistani Dramas 2019

The name of this drama serial truly depicts the subject and actors have performed well to convey the theme well. You can watch Tarap every Sunday at 09:00 PM only on Hum TV which is one of the best Pakistani dramas of 2020.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida

The story-line of Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida revolves around a charming couple from a middle-class family. Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida goes on-air every Wednesday at 08:00 PM on Hum TV and add it to your watch list as one of the best Pakistani dramas.