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MUMBAI: Colors’ supernatural drama Naagin 5, produced by Balaji Telefilms, is leaving no stone unturned to keep viewers hooked. Read more 11 Jan 2021 07:06 PM Aqsa Akbani Siddiqui. Naagin 5 actress Surbhi Chandna keeps it chic in velvet olive green co-ord set Bollywood News: Latest Bollywood News, Bollywood News Today, Bollywood Celebrity News, Breaking News, Celeb News. Watch Naagin 5 Colors Tv Serial Cast, Tital Track, Show Time, Wiki,Latest Episode Updates. Naagin is the most popular supernatural fantasy thriller series on Colors TV in Hindi. Last season, Naagin 4 ends at midnight and the sudden end of the season date upset all the fans. In this article we look at Naagin 5 with the names of actor and actress. Watch Naagin 5 Colors Tv Serial Full Video Episodes Online. Naagin 5 is An Indian Television Series.The Series Which Will Be Premier On 9th August 2020 By Voot at 8:00 PM (IST). Naagin 5 Cast: Surbhi Chandna,Sharad Malhotra, Hina Khan, Mohit Malhotra, Dheeraj Dhoopar.

The episode of Naagin starts with Veer seeing Maarkaat dead and saying that his mother was very bad. Bani hugs Veer and says that she was his mother. Veer says that his mother was Chandrakala and she was very nice and he doesn’t know any Maarkaat.

Later, Veer goes close to Bani and says that he had to call a doctor to treat Jai as Bani refused to treat him with her powers. Bani says that she doesn’t trust Jai and so she did not feel like helping him.

Then Daksh asks Veer to throw a party. Veer says tonight he will throw a bash and thanks Bani for coming in his life. Veer tries to kiss Bani, but she says that she will not do it. Veer then says that he will make Bani kiss him at the party.

Later in the party, Veer asks Bani about the kiss. Bani asks Veer to catch her, and then she will kiss him.

Meanwhile, Jai recollects how he killed Maarkaat and absorbed her power to destroy Bani. Jai says that he will kill Bani and absorb her power too, then he will be the most powerful person.
On the other hand, Panditayan looks at the sky and thinks that something is wrong. She asks the snake charmer about it. He says that Bani’s life is in danger. Panditayan then thinks of informing it to Bani.

In another scene, a guy enters and charms everyone with his magic. His magic doesn’t affect Bani, but her skin becomes scaly.

The guy hypnotises everyone and asks them to dance with him. Bani then goes to Jai and says that she finds something wrong about the guy.

Meanwhile, Panditayan comes to meet Bani. Jai sees her and kidnaps her. Panditayan says that she has learned Jai’s truth and she will soon expose Jai. Jai says that he killed Panditayan’s husband and will not hesitate to kill her.

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The episode of Naagin starts with Bani and Jai fighting. Bani says she is heartbroken as she forgave Jai and trusted him again. Bani says she will kill her enemy.

Jai throws some water on Bani which freezes Bani. Jai takes Bani to a house and says Bani cannot move now, and soon he will be taking Bani’s power.
Veer drives the car. He hears a baby’s voice. Veer gets into a house to stop the baby’s voice.

Veer see Bani lying on bed. Veer says Bani must be doing some magic as Veer can see Bani everywhere. Veer says he cannot go far from Bani and doesn’t know why, but he wants Bani to become all right.

Veer kisses Bani on her forehead and his teardrop fall on Bani’s face. Bani gets back to normal.

Veer goes out and gets stuck in the storm. The breeze pushes Veer off the cliff.

Bani comes out searching for Veer. Jai stops Bani and says he pushed Veer off the cliff and now Veer is dead. Bani and Jai fight again.

Jai traps Bani with his magic, but Bani stabs Jai with a rod. Bani then escapes and goes to search Veer.

Veer hangs holding the cliff. He tries to become an eagle but fails. Veer gets weak and is about to fall, when Bani holds him and saves him. Veer see the weather and takes Bani to a house.

Naagin 5 Today Episode

Naagin 5 today episode

Veer tells Bani that he got his memory back. Bani says how can that be possible. Veer says everything is possible in love. Jai comes and says he is Markat and will never die, but soon Bani and Jai will die.

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Jai shows them the grah and says when the grah will unite and then the stars will break and fall on them. The grah unites, and the stars start falling. Bani and Veer hide under a tree.

Bani tells Veer that there is no escape as Jai has changed the grah. Bani says they will die, but their baby will live. Bani and Veer hug each other.

Plex no players found windows. A broken star falls on them, and they die.

Naagin 5

Naagin 5 Cast

After the smoke gets clear, a baby is shown. Veer and Bani’s soul say they will always be with their daughter.

Naagin Season 3 Episode 1

Jai comes and sees the baby and thinks whatever power the baby got from Bani and Veer, Jai will take all of it from the baby. The baby keeps looking at Jai, and he falls in the lava.

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Angel(Farishta) comes and says the baby will be extraordinary, she will stay in human form but will never be like them.