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Timezone reported after adding is system (utc -4) on an test run, last executed was in utc ( no problem really, but its not what docs say ) Now docs say mysql.event displays the start used to add the event in utc ( again our system not has this table ) and stores the timezone used to prevent wrong timings when changing timezones. Steelcase amia task chair price.

Mysql Set Time Zone

The time zone CST has different meanings on MySQL Server and on conntector/j

When we are working with the big distributed database system, it is very important to take care of the default database time zone. When we are selecting data from different countries, we should always work with UTC time zone because it is a World’s time standard and stand for Universal Time Coordinated. So let’s write a little PHP to parse the timezone offset and format a string MySQL can understand. First, we’ll create a new DateTime object, find the offset in seconds, and convert it to. Enter the following to check the current global time zone in MySQL: sudo mysql –e “SELECT @@global.timezone;” By default, the system will display a value of SYSTEM for your time zone. This indicates that the time zone in MySQL is synchronized with the server’s time zone.

I have a MySQL Server installed on Linux. The timezone of the Linux is CST which means China Standard Time. But the CST explain as Central Standard Time in java side.
I looked at the source code, the CST is read from /etc/localtime file at server side. And com.mysql.cj.mysqla.MysqlaSession.configureTimezone() read the system_time_zone variable from the server side in connector/j v6.0.x. com.mysql.cj.jdbc.util.TimeUtil.loadTimeZoneMappings(ExceptionInterceptor) initialize all time zones to timeZoneMappings variable use properties file and java.util.TimeZone.getAvailableIDs(). In java.util.TimeZone, CST means Center Standard Time which has 13 or 14 hours behind China Standard Time.
I think it is a serious defect. I suggest should MySQL use offset to represent a timezone instead of using a string format. Or if want fix the defect quickly, should simplely add a line 'CST=Asia/Shanghai' to /com/mysql/cj/jdbc/util/ file.
Mysql System TimezoneMysqlMysql System Timezone

Mysql set time zone
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The time zone CST has different meanings on MySQL Server and on conntector/j
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Re: The time zone CST has different meanings on MySQL Server and on conntector/j
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