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I am using XAMPP 1.7.4 and I have setup MySQL to run as a service.
I am often receiving the 'MySQL Server Has gone away' message and I understand that it is as a result of the wait_timeout or interactive_timeout being low.

I am using laravel 7 with a xampp installation. Php artisan migrate fails and gives the error: SQLSTATEHY000 2006 MySQL server has gone away my.

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  1. Decrease the number of your connection, just like anarki said. This should fix your problem. If you want to make your server live, you will need to make few optimizations and configurations to mariadb.
  2. Panduan cara mengatasi MySQL server has gone away saat import database melalui command-line.Kalau import database via phpMyAdmin indikasinya saat proses import/upload database belum sampai 100% tiba-tiba phpMyAdmin berhenti loading dan tampilannya berantakan.
When I update the 'xamppmysqlbinmy.ini' file and add the following and enter 'SHOW VARIABLES' in the console, after restarting the service and the console, I still see 28800 as the values, which is the default value.
wait_timeout = 604800
interactive_timeout = 604800

Mysql Server Has Gone Away Xampp Key

Any help would be appreciated,Away

Mysql Server Has Gone Away Xampp Free