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Unless you have an issue on your computer, your Windows computer should shut down with the click of an option. If Windows won’t shut down despite repetitive attempts, there’s probably a problematic. If you have My laptop doesn't shut down and keeps restarting then we strongly recommend that you Download (My laptop doesn't. Then shutting it down, but. Four tips you can do to keep your Mac computer safe and secure like turn on the Mac firewall, keep your software up-to-date etc. How to shut down Windows from Outlook. This guide will show you how to remotely shut down your computer using Microsoft Outlook.

You are watching a video using a media player on your computer. Or maybe you are streaming a video on YouTube or some other website. Then suddenly, your PC shuts down without warning, although the battery is fully charged or the device is plugged in.

When you try streaming a video, it starts successfully. But about 9 to 15 minutes in, your computer shuts down. Sometimes the video might not play at all before the shutdown. This might have happened on many occasions. And with every shutdown, you have to turn on the computer again and spend time waiting for the system to boot.

The above scenario can be quite unnerving to encounter. Sudden shutdowns not only interrupt your activities but can also harm your computer. You may lose your unsaved work, your programs and system files could get corrupted, and interrupted background processes could cause damage to your registry.

So at the moment, you might be wondering: “Why does my computer shut down without warning when I’m watching a video?” Not to worry. Our guide will present you with the answers and show you how to resolve this annoying issue. You can then go ahead and watch videos on your PC and perform other tasks without further disturbance.

Why Does a Windows 10 PC Turn Off While Streaming Videos?

When you play a video on your PC or stream a video online and the system is forced to shut down, it could be due to hardware issues or overheating.

The chances of your PC overheating depend on the programs that are running on your computer at the moment and how ventilated the room is. It is important to make sure that the surface on which you placed the computer is not blocking the vents and trapping in heat. That causes overheating and could be the reason why the system shuts down suddenly.

However, if that is not the case, then you should check your graphics card drivers and make sure they are not faulty. This issue is easier to fix than a problem with your hardware since you don’t have to shell out to pay for an upgrade.



It could also be that some Windows updates have not been installed successfully and are thus causing issues.

How to Fix ‘Computer Shuts Down When Streaming on YouTube’

Many of us cannot imagine a scenario where we are unable to watch a video on our PC in peace. Running into such an issue won’t be pleasant at all. Therefore, keep reading to find out how to prevent your system from shutting down unexpectedly when playing videos.

What If Your Laptop Shuts Down While Streaming a Video?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Fix your graphics card drivers:
  • Check for Windows updates
  • Update your graphics card drivers using Device Manager
  • Update your graphics card drivers using a dedicated third-party tool
  • Roll back your graphics card drivers
  1. Clean up your system and repair corrupt files
  2. Monitor the temperature of your CPU/GPU
  3. Check your power supply unit (PSU)

We will provide you with the procedures for performing these fixes. Your computer will soon be back to normal. Let’s get started.

Fix 1: Fix Your Graphics Card Drivers

If you want to play games or watch videos on your PC, your video card must work fine. If its drivers are outdated, missing, corrupt, or incompatible, then you will encounter issues.

There are different methods you can use to update your GPU drivers. The first is to download the latest version of the drivers from the official website of Intel, Nvidia, or AMD, depending on the graphics card you have. Once you are on the correct webpage, the wizard will be able to detect the specifications of your computer and provide you with the correct drivers. However, if this automatic identification fails, you will need to find out those details yourself so as to install the correct drivers.

Nevertheless, there are other methods you can use, such as installing Windows updates or using the Device Manager. There are also tools that can help you update your drivers automatically.

Check for Windows Updates

Checking for Windows updates is one way of installing the latest drivers for your hardware devices, including your graphics processing unit (GPU) drivers.

Moreover, installing Windows updates also fixes other issues on your PC since they include security fixes and feature enhancements that keep your computer functioning properly. Therefore, checking for Windows updates and installing them is a good way to go about resolving the sudden system shutdowns when watching a video.


Here’s how to check for and install Windows updates:

Imac shutting down randomly
  1. If you are using Windows 10, you can install updates by going through the Windows Settings app. To open the Settings page, go to the Start menu (press the Windows logo key on your keyboard or click on it in the lower-left corner of your screen) and click on the Settings icon (displayed as the cog-wheel).

Alternatively, you can open the Settings app by holding the Windows logo key and pressing I.

  1. Once you are on the Settings page, click on Update & Security at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select Windows Update on the left pane of the new page.
  3. Now, click the ‘Check for updates’ button on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure your internet connection is on. The system will automatically find and install available updates.
  4. Restart your system once the update is complete.

If you are using Windows 8, go to the search bar in the Start menu and type ‘Updates.’ Then click on ‘Check for updates’ from the search results.

You can also get Windows updates through the Control Panel:

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows logo key + R keyboard combination.
  2. Type ‘Control panel’ into the text box and press Enter or click the ‘OK’ button on the screen.
  3. Select ‘Large icons’ or ‘Small icons’ in the ‘View by:’ drop-down menu. It is located in the top-right corner of the Control Panel window.
  4. Scroll through the list to find ‘Windows Update.’ Click on it.
  5. On the page that opens, click the ‘Check for updates’ button. Click the ‘Install updates’ button once the search is done.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers Using Device Manager

Device Manager lists all the devices connected to your computer, enabling you to update or modify them.

Here is how you can update your graphics card drivers through Device Manager:

  1. Hold the Windows logo key and hit R to invoke the Run accessory.
  2. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and execute it by pressing Enter on your keyboard or clicking the OK button on your screen.
  3. Locate Display Adapters in the list and double-click on it or click the arrow on the left-hand side to reveal the items under it.
  4. Right-click on your video card, i.e. Intel, AMD, or Nvidia.
  5. Click on ‘Update Driver Software’ in the context menu.
  6. You will be presented with a dialog that asks how you want to search for driver software. Click on the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option. Make sure your internet connection is enabled.
  7. Restart your computer once the update is complete.

Resolve PC Issues with Driver Updater

Unstable PC performance is often caused by outdated or corrupt drivers. Auslogics Driver Updater diagnoses driver issues and lets you update old drivers all at once or one at a time to get your PC running smoother

Auslogics Driver Updater is a product of Auslogics, certified Microsoft® Silver Application Developer

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers Using a Dedicated Third-Party Tool

You have the option to automatically install the latest drivers for your graphics card without performing any prior procedures. All you need is Auslogics Driver Updater running on your computer.

The tool is designed by Auslogics, a certified Microsoft partner. It automatically checks for faulty drivers on your computer and proceeds to update them to the latest manufacturer-recommended versions. You can choose to update all your drivers or select the ones you want to update.

You don’t need to know the type of graphics card that is on your computer. The tool detects every detail automatically, ensuring that you obtain the correct drivers.

Driver Updater also performs a backup to enable you to roll back your drivers if the need arises. That brings us to the next step in fixing the sudden system shutdowns when streaming videos – rolling back your video card drivers. Keep reading.

Roll Back Your Graphics Card Drivers

Sometimes, driver updates for your hardware devices may contain bugs. Therefore, you may begin experiencing issues after a driver update.

If your computer started shutting down when playing videos just after you installed a new version of your GPU drivers, then you can fix it by undoing the change. Simply roll back to the previous driver.

If you are using Auslogics Driver Updater, the tool has a feature that lets you roll back your drivers. Otherwise, you have to go through Device Manager. Follow the steps below:

  1. Invoke the Run box. To do that, hold the Windows logo key and press R.
  2. Type ‘Devmgmt.msc’ into the field and hit Enter or click the OK button on your screen.
  3. Locate Display Adapters in the list and expand it. Then right-click on your graphics device, i.e. Intel, Nvidia, or AMD, and click on Properties in the context menu.
  4. Go to the Driver tab in the Properties box that opens.
  5. Click on the ‘Roll Back Driver’ button.

Fix 2: Clean Up Your System and Repair Corrupt Files

Why Is My Mac Keep Shutting Down

After you have successfully updated your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) drivers, the next step is to scan your system for malware, corrupt keys and invalid entries in the Windows registry, junk files (such as leftover Windows Update files, temporary user files, outdated system files, unused error logs, temporary Sun Java files, unwanted Microsoft Office cache, and more), and other issues that can cause your system or applications to crash or glitch.

First, run a scan with Auslogics Anti-Malware to detect and eliminate malicious items that may be hidden in your system and causing damage. The tool is very easy to set up and use. It is designed not to interfere with the functioning of your existing antivirus program.

After running a scan, it may detect and get rid of threats that your main antivirus did not find. It has been tested and verified by experts and is considered to be one of the top malware removal programs in the PC security industry. Anti-Malware is provided by Auslogics, a certified Microsoft silver application developer, and is, therefore, guaranteed to give you the best protection against malware and data safety threats.

Once you have finished running a malware scan, the next thing to do is to clean up your Windows registry and remove junk files and other performance-reducing issues from your PC. To do this, we recommend that you use Auslogics BoostSpeed. Unlike most cleanup tools on the market, BoostSpeed uses precise techniques to pin down and safely resolve issues without any risk of causing further damage to your operating system.

Fix 3: Monitor the Temperature of Your CPU/GPU

Your computer will overheat if the cooling system no longer works or is not sufficient. When your computer heats up beyond the safe limit, the operating system will shut down to avoid critical damage. If you continue to use your PC this way, the processor may get damaged permanently. You may need to seek the services of an expert to check the cooling system on your computer.

Imac shutting down randomly

The thermal paste on your GPU could also no longer be suitable. That can cause the sudden shutdowns you are dealing with.

Therefore, you should monitor the temperature of your CPU and GPU and make sure the safe temperature limit is not exceeded. There are many programs that you can use to monitor your CPU temps. You can look for a trusted brand online.

However, before assuming the worst, check the surface on which you normally place your computer. Make sure that the material is not blocking the vents. For instance, if you want to kick back and relax while using your computer, don’t place it on a soft surface like a pillow or mattress. Place it on something hard and level so as to allow proper airflow. Otherwise, the computer will heat up beyond the safe limit and shut down. Also, make sure that the room is well ventilated. An air-conditioned room is advisable.

Fix 4: Check Your Power Supply Unit (PSU)

If you have updated your drivers, cleaned up your system, and made sure that your computer is not overheating and yet the sudden shutdowns when streaming videos on YouTube or other sites persist, the next thing you should do is check your hardware components. Consult a professional technician to get help in finding the faulty hardware.

In most cases, it could be that your computer’s power supply unit (PSU) is unable to provide enough power to handle the demands of your video card. Thus, the system shuts down when you are streaming a video online or playing a video on your computer. This is the case when the power supply unit is of low quality or is malfunctioning. It, therefore, shuts down to prevent damage.

Windows 10 Keeps Shutting Down My Computer

Don’t try to avoid spending on a good power processing unit. Any expert will tell you that trying to cut costs when obtaining a PSU is a no-no.

If you need to build or buy a PSU, ensure you go through a reputable dealer or manufacturer. Make sure that the power supply unit can provide sufficient power. You will find good calculators online that can let you know how much power your system components demand.

We hope you have been able to fix the ‘Computer shuts down when watching videos’ issue. If it happens due to software issues, then you can easily resolve it by yourself in a matter of minutes by following the procedures we presented above.

Imac Shutting Down Randomly

However, if the sudden shutdowns are due to a hardware problem, then it might take you some time to resolve them if you don’t have the know-how. In that case, we suggest that you seek the services of a PC repair expert. You may be required to replace or upgrade certain hardware components.

My Mac Laptop Keeps Shutting Down

My computer keeps shutting down

Please leave us a comment and let us know how you resolved the issue. You can also share any questions you might have. We will be happy to hear from you.

My Mac Computer Keeps Shutting Down Unexpectedly

We wish you good fortune!