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Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me a bit of insight into my problem.

I set up plex on my mac mini, and I access it via 2 FireTV sticks 4k connected to my televisions. When I first set up plex, and log in everything works fine. After I come back to it a day later, amazon fire tv plex app says that it cannot connect to my plex. I know plex is working fine, because I am able to connect via my laptop. So I found out that I just need to reboot the Amazon FireStick, from its menus, and then plex works again. This happens almost daily, and I am unable to just go back to plex and open it. I always have to reboot the firestick for it to work again. It is not specific to just one firestick, it does it with both of my tvs. I was wondering if anyone could help me diagnose the problem. What logs should I be looking at, and how do I turn them on. Any idea on how to fix it?

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I have the latest version of both plex on the firestick and the latest server installed as well.