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On this week's episode of The Meta Show (2-27-16) Laz and Mittani sit down to talk about EVE Online news and politics. For all the latest EVE. In which I 'interview' The Mittani for his thoughts on World War Bee.

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“We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in Delve, we shall fight in T5Z, we shall fight in 1DQ, and E3O-I; we shall never surrender, even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Region…

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~WE HAVE SOUNDED THE HORN OF GOONDOR~ You knew this day would come; you knew that you would be called. Only as a last resort; only when it matters most, when the fate of our tribe and the galaxy itself…

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World War Bee: Avenging the Casino War

Editor’s Note: This article comes direct from the Goonfleet forums. Some content has been moved for formatting purposes. tl;dr: The same people who attacked us in the Casino War are invading (or making excuses) in two weeks – except that unlike…


EVE Online: The Masks of Cyber-Purgatory

It’s been ages since I wrote about Eve Online from the perspective of a player, instead of issuing proclamations full of bombast and demagoguery as the leader of a vast space tribe. From 2009 to 2012, my ‘Sins of a…

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Imperium War Update: Day 11 – Thump and Grind

With the first ten days of the deployment done, it’s time to analyze what’s happening in this campaign so far. Warning: strategic autism follows. The Chessboard – Day One: Before we deployed, our enemies were dispersed across multiple fronts, too…

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The Space Pope hosts the Mittani and INN: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Tour

If you do not love space, if you do not love spacecraft, if you do not stare into the stars and wonder what could exist beyond our lonely, pale blue dot, you do not play spaceship games. One of the best…

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The Metashow 1/7/17 Video: What’s Next for Pandemic Legion?

We had a fantastic show this Saturday, with special guests Reza Najafi, CEO of Sniggwaffe, and Farasoloni of Pandemic Legion. Not only did our guests give us an inside look at what it’s like inside the Pandemic Family, we got…

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The Metashow 1/7/17 21:00 UTC – What’s Next for Pandemic Legion and Family?

Coming this Saturday on Janurary 7th at 21:00 UTC, we’ve got the first Metashow of 2017! Dabigredboat and The Mittani will be discussing the Traitor’s War in Catch, the massive battle in F4R2, and more! OUR GUESTS FOR THIS SHOW:…

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FCON Sides With Traitors: “C02 As A Whole Isn’t A Bad Group”

Fidelas Constans has reached a new low: not merely did they flee the war theater during the Casino War after the infamous and shameful backstabbing of the Imperium by Circle of Two, FCON has now joined sides with those very traitors…

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Papi Eve Online

We had a fantastic show this Saturday, with more than 1550 concurrent viewers. What brought everyone to watch? Not only our analysis of the destruction of the Jayneleb Keepstar earlier this week, but an all-star panel of alliance leaders…

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The Metashow 12/17 @ 21:00 EVE on INN Twitch: Alliance Leaders Tell All!

Coming this weekend, on Saturday December 17 at 21:00 EVE on INN Twitch we’ve got a special episode of the Metashow, all about the loss of Vale of the Silent, C02 and TEST’s evacuation, the loss of the M-O Keepstar, and…

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RMT Records Presents: We Didn’t Light The Cyno

Another Amazing work from RMT Records and the Imperium’s Ministry of Truth. LYRICS: Sundering, Mister Vee, GoonWaffe, KarmaFleet WIdotte, Zebra Corp, The Mittani-o. Hogyoku, Hole Violence, Miniluv, Trojan Legion Theta Squad, Sigma Squad, Corps Diplomatique. Void L, Kusions, Nova Rage…

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The Metashow 12/3 Video: All The FCs – Vily, Killah Bee, PK, and Willam Crane!

This week’s Metashow featured four guests, all major participants in the Tribute and Vale conflicts raging in the north. KillahBee, Poison Kevin, Vily and William Crane squared off, and we learned many important lessons – like how Pandemic Horde…

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The Metashow 12/3 @ 21:00 EVE on INN Twitch – Vale War with Vily and More!

Mittani Eve Online

Tomorrow – Saturday December 3 at 21:00 EVE on INN Twitch we’ve got a special episode of the Metashow, all about the war in Vale of the Silent and the aftershocks of C02’s loss of Tribute. Special Guests: Vily of…