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MiG-21 PFM의 가장 큰 특징은 경계층 블로잉 시스템인데요, 이 시스템을 통해 이착륙을 훨씬 쉽게 할 수 있습니다. 다른 MiG-21처럼 이 장비도 뛰어난 상승력과 높은 속도, 쉬운 조작성, 그리고 상황에 맞게 대처할 수 있을 만큼 방대한 범위의 무장을 장착할 수 있습니다. I go over everything with the MiG-21 PFM - one of the most hated event vehicles in a while. I'll tell you whether or not I think you should purchase this pla. I-153 M-62 Chaika; I-15R; I-15bis; I-15 M-22; I-15 WR; I-16 type 10 Ishak; I-16 type 18 Ishak; I-16 type 24 Ishak; I-16 type 5 Ishak; I-29; LaGG-3-23; LaGG-3-4; Yak-2 KABB; Zhukovsky's I-153-M62; Hurricane Mk IIB; I-153P Chaika; I-16 type 27 Ishak; I-16 type 28 Ishak; I-180S; I-301; La-5; LaGG-3-11; LaGG-3-34; LaGG-3-35; LaGG-3-66.

MiG-21 PFM, Rank VI, USSR, Event

Mig 21 Pfm War Thunder

This vehicle will be the exclusive award in the “Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.” event.

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During the modernization of the second generation of MiG-21 fighters, the Soviet military authorities demanded the design team to modify the aircraft for takeoff and landing from unpaved airfields. As a solution, the engineers proposed equipping the aircraft with a system for blowing the boundary layer from the flaps, and the Tumansky and Metskhvarishvili design bureau began developing a version of the R11F-300 engine with an air stream from the compressor. The boundary layer blowing system significantly improved the take-off and landing characteristics of the aircraft, the takeoff and run lengths were reduced, and the landing speed drastically reduced.

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Along with other modifications and improvements, the serial modification of the MiG-21 with the boundary layer blowing system began to be produced under the MiG-21 PFS index, later upgraded to the MiG-21 PFM version. Aircraft of this modification were produced in fairly large numbers since 1964, both for domestic use and export. The MiG-21 PFM served in Vietnam and Afghanistan.


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In War Thunder, the MiG-21 PFM is a further development of the F-13 version. Offensive armament was dismantled, since it seemed to have finally lost its relevance in modern air combat. Nonetheless, the fighter could be equipped with a double-barreled cannon pod in the ventral container. The MiG-21 PFM has a radar, carries rockets and bombs, as well as two guided missiles of different models - air-to-air R-3S, or the new to the game H-66 air-to-surface missiles. A distinctive feature of the MiG-21 PFM is the boundary layer blowing system, which greatly simplifies takeoff and landing. Otherwise, it is the same magnificent MiG-21, with an excellent climb rate, great speed, easy controls and a good choice of weaponry for any game task.

The MiG-21 PFM will become yours for completing the tasks of the in-game event “Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.”, and it will be worth your efforts!

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