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War thunder fv4005 op. Please could you add WinMerge to the merge tool selection as it has supported 3-way merge since early 2018? Thank you!

Current situation (Tested on Sourcetree 3.4.3 Windows 64-bit):

Unknown merge tool sourcetree

In this article we will configure winmerge as diff and merge tool in git but you can configure any other tool with same way. Before we start, make sure you have winmerge installed on your machine, you can download from here. You can configure external diff and merge tool by git bash commands as show below.

WinMerge is not available in the 'Options > Diff > External Diff / Merge > Merge Tool' dropdown box.

Desired outcome:

  • SourceTree has in-built support for FileMerge, DiffMerge, Araxis Merge, KDiff3 and more, but if you wish to use another tool you can select 'Other' and provide your own tool information.
  • A pull and merge example for SourceTree with a github repository (note we are taking all of the changes you have made so far to class content).
  • Learn an easy tool for Git or Mercurial version control. The SourceTree interface. Version control and Sourcetree. Get an overview of version control and the role that Sourcetree plays. Find how to pull, commit and push, create and push, and merge using Git. Work using Mercurial.

WinMerge is available in the 'Options > Diff > External Diff / Merge > Merge Tool' dropdown box and merging using it works.

Background / related issues:

Related bug:

Best Merge Tool For Sourcetree

The bug SRCTREEWIN-4572 ('Can't select WinMerge as merge tool') from 2016 was closed because WinMerge didn't yet support a 3-way merge. But as of 2018-01-28 WinMerge has supported 3-way merge (See WinMerge 2.15.2 changelog from 2018-01-28: 'Add support for 3-way compare/merge'). I tried today (2021-03-08) using WinMerge 3-way merge with the custom merge option using the information from this Sourcetree Community question and it worked okay.

Currently working custom merge options for WinMerge:

Git Extensions Merge Tool

The options I used in Sourcetree 3.4.3 for Windows 64-bit with WinMerge x64 and which worked for merging:

  • Options > Diff > External Diff / Merge:
    • Merge Tool: Custom
    • Merge Command: C:Program FilesWinMergeWinMergeU.exe
      • Arguments:

Merge Conflict Tool Sourcetree

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