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Spending all day hunched over a computer can do a number on your posture and spine. Kids are no different and, while they may not get the same aches and pains as adults, ergonomic kids desk chairs can help them sit up straight and stay comfortable while they're doing schoolwork. Since a good ergonomic chair can be tough to find, it's helpful to know what features are the most important and which can be put on hold until they're a little more grown up and need more support.


James O. Sanders, MD, Chair of the department of orthopaedics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill tells Romper in an email, 'Fortunately, for children, their spines have a lot of flexibility, and they do not have the disc problems that adults develop,' so there is less of a need for a high-end ergonomic chair. Bells and whistles aside, there are a few features he says parents should look for in a desk chair for their child such as a seat 'which places the hips and knees at about right angles with the feet on the floor' and ensuring the seat is good and stable to prevent 'a backward fall and head injury.'

Dr. Sanders also puts an emphasis on how the child is sitting in the chair, rather than the adjustable supports of the seat. Essentially, you don't want your child to have to strain their body in order to type or navigate their computer. He recommends parents 'provide chairs which allow a child to look ahead, keep their feet on the ground which distributes pressure across the buttocks, and look forward with their arms in a comfortable position to write or type.'

Finding a kids desk chair that can be adjusted a little here and there will do wonders for their posture and comfort. So, if you're on the hunt for one, here are a few great options to pick from.

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Many kids are looking ahead to round two of distance learning. For some, it will be a temporary measure. For others, it will be what their whole school year looks like. It can be a challenge for families to figure out classroom space where kids are undistracted and ready to learn. It’s an even bigger challenge when you have multiple kids with different needs.

The key to working it all out is organization. You don’t want a thousand printouts littering every surface of your home. You don’t want to accidentally throw out a paper your 5-year-old drew on that had notes your 12-year-old took on the back. The potential for chaos will always be there. You can minimize it with some planning and a few smart purchases.

Thankfully, with a few adjustments, any space in your home can be transformed into the perfect place for kids to learn. Here are some products that can help you create the perfect home classroom for kids.

Crate&Kids Nesting Play Table And Chairs Set

© Crate&Kids Crate&Kids Nesting Play Table And Chairs Set

The Nesting Play Table and Chairs Set offers a lot of solutions in a compact form. It provides storage, seating, and a surface for work or play. When the day’s done, everything fits neatly into itself.

Shop Now: Nesting Play Table and Chairs Set, Crate&Kids ($399.00)

U Brands Cascading File Wall Organizer with 6 Removable Folders

© Target U Brands Cascading File Wall Organizer with 6 Removable Folders

If you’ve got a kid who is distance learning with tons of printouts, we feel your pain. Keep those papers organized with these colorful, compact folders.

Shop Now: Cascading File Wall Organizer with 6 Removable Folders, Target ($9.99)

Colored Frame Magnetic Dry Erase White Boards (Pack of 5)

© Amazon Colored Frame Magnetic Dry Erase White Boards (Pack of 5)

8 pm utc to ist. Load up on an environmentally friendly alternative to blowing through reams of paper. The whiteboards are a good value whether you have one kiddo who multitasks or a bunch working at once.

Shop Now: Colored Frame Magnetic Dry Erase White Boards, Amazon ($21.99)


© Crate&Kids ABC Rug

Bring some of that warm, fuzzy classroom goodness to your home. Kids will love gathering on the ABC rug, whether it’s to snuggle up and read or to sing songs. The rug is available in three sizes: 4 feet x 6 feet, 5 feet x 8 feet, and 8 feet x 10 feet.

Shop Now: ABC Rug, Crate&Kids ($299.00 – $899.00)

Malbon Mesh Task Chair

© Wayfair Malbon Mesh Task Chair

This compact chair encourages good posture and is a cute addition to any room. The stylish chair is also available in 12 colors, so it’s easy to match to your decor.

Shop Now: Ebern Designs Malbon Mesh Task Chair, Wayfair ($52.99)

U Brands Cork Bulletin Board, 23' x 17'

© Walmart U Brands Cork Bulletin Board, 23

A corkboard is a great space to keep things organize and display hard work. Encourage your kids to be proud of what they’ve accomplished while keeping their workspace clean.

Shop Now: U Brands Cork Bulletin Board 23″ x 17″, Walmart ($6.97)

Crate&Kids Large Metal Stacking Storage Bin

© Crate&Kids Crate&Kids Large Metal Stacking Storage Bin

These bins will help you keep things organized, whether it’s time for work or play. The bins are available in three colors: mint, dark blue, and silver.

Shop Now: Large Metal Stacking Storage Bin, Crate&Kids ($49)

Room Essentials Adjustable Storage Desk Black

© Target Room Essentials Adjustable Storage Desk Black

This is a solid buy for a kid who needs a work surface but doesn’t have a lot of space. The shelves can be moved up or down so you can customize based on your storage needs.

Shop Now: Adjustable Storage Desk Black, Target ($79.99)

Malbon Mesh Task Chair Lake Green

L-Shaped Soft Seating

© Wayfair L-Shaped Soft Seating

If you’re looking to give kids some different seating options, this is a nice size. Its colorful styles will pop in any room. It’s available in three colors: blue, red, and green.

Shop Now: L-Shaped Soft Seating, Wayfair ($83.99)

Kindness Counts Rainbow Notebooks

© Minted Kindness Counts Rainbow Notebooks

It’s a fun notebook with a wonderful reminder for wherever learning is taking place. You can choose from lined, unlined, and grid paper for the 80-page notebook.

Shop Now: Kindness Counts Rainbow Notebooks, Minted ($18)

Scentco Crayola Silly Scents Tri-Color Smens - Scented Pens, Multi Color Ink, 4 Count

© Amazon Scentco Crayola Silly Scents Tri-Color Smens - Scented Pens, Multi Color Ink, 4 CountTask

Scented pens step up a kid’s writing game. Pump up the excitement to get words on paper with these cute pens.

Shop Now:

Malbon Mesh Task Chair Blush

Scentco Crayola Silly Scents Tri-Color Smens Scented Pens With Multi-Color Ink (4 Count), Amazon ($11.68)

OHill Pack of 32 Animal Erasers

© Amazon OHill Pack of 32 Animal ErasersMalbon

The 3D puzzle erasers are fun for kids to use. They’re also super cute, so kids will wait more than a few seconds before rubbing them to complete dust.

Shop Now: OHill Pack of 32 Animal Erasers, Amazon ($8.99)

Personalized Kids' Calendar

© Frankopedia/Etsy Personalized Kids' Calendar

This cute chalkboard-style kids’ calendar adds a great touch to any workspace. Bonus: if the kids are keeping track of the day of the week, you don’t have to!

Shop Now: Personalized Kids’ Calendar Etsy ($16.46)

Malbon Mesh Task Chair Pink

Cartoon Animal World Map Wall Clock

© Society6 Cartoon Animal World Map Wall Clock

Combine a little bit of geography with some life skills! Most kids learn how to tell time on digital clocks. Make sure your kids can tell time no matter what the format with this fun wall clock.


Shop Now: Cartoon Animal World Map Wall Clock, Society6 ($22.39)