Laundry Room Space Saver

Organize your laundry room with this awesome behind the door laundry room storage solution. This slim rolling cart will give you extra storage in a small laundry room. Save on space with this DIY laundry room pedestal. Build your own laundry room counter top with extra storage space underneath. CALLMYBO Hanging Laundry Hamper Bag, Space Saving Clothes Hamper for Laundry with Stainless Steel Hooks, Over The Door Laundry Hamper in Large Sizer for Holding Dirty Laundry (Mid Heather Grey). This is a laundry room folding table with gas spring assist. Its an easy build and works well for any space that needs a little extra room when the table is. 【Super Space-saving】The 180°rotatable primary arm,the 360°adjustable secondary arm,and the unique three-fold design allow you to freely adjust the angle of your clothes rack.When you are not using it, you can rotate and shrink it to a position close to the wall to save space.The unique design allows you to hang the most clothes while saving space,and it can also be easily installed on various walls or corners.

Small laundry room design is about creating functional spaces where chores do not get procrastinated but get done quickly and efficiently. A small functional room is an essential addition to tiny, busy homes but a spacious laundry room requires efficient organization also, as any space can get messy quickly. Lushome shares space saving solutions, organizing tips, and a collection of beautiful and functional small laundry room ideas that are inspiring and useful for improving homes and creating attractive laundry room designs.

The smart interior design prioritizes storage and organization. While improving functionality, space saving ideas offer practical solutions reflecting on well-organized small interiors can be. Often laundry rooms lack light, compact layout, and areas to fold and hang clothing for long-term drying. However, every tiny room can be neatly organized and brightly decorated.

Small laundry room design is about functionality, organization, and efficient lighting. Light neutral color tones or bright room colors, clutter-free design, and practical materials are essential for improving functionality and overall appeal. A fresh coat of paint, a small trash bin, storage shelves, a space-saving drying rack, hangers, a laundry basket and a small ironing board which is perfect for folding clothing, are practical ideas for a room makeover. Some of these items can take up a lot of space, but compact models, space-saving layout, and clutter-free decoration work well for laundry room design while maximizing small spaces.

Small laundry room ideas

Check out laundry room ideas below, use the inspirations for designing your functional and beautiful small spaces while efficiently increasing home storage and improving your home organization. Make sure that your laundry area stays in order, clean, organized, and functional. Easy, but practical ideas for a room makeover make a huge difference in creating bright, comfortable, and beautiful laundry room designs.

Open shelves and small cabinets with storage bins and baskets, light room colors and clutter-free decor are excellent ideas for small laundry rooms. Sliding doors and built-in cabinets with integrated washers and dryers help create attractive and functional areas for doing laundry, folding clothes, and ironing in style.

White paint colors and a touch of greenery help create bright and beautiful rooms also. The simplicity of quick and light room decoration is a simple but efficient idea to stretch small spaces and brighten up laundry room design.

by Ena Russ

21 of the Best Laundry Room Hacks is surely going to get your wheels turning for creating a space for clean. You’ll love the ideas found!

With 21 of the Best Laundry Room Hacks you’ll surely be on your way to the space of your dreams. Most people probably don’t think much about decorating this room, but when it’s cute, we are more likely to WANT to do laundry, right???

I’ve been working on my laundry room makeover for a loooong time, it just keeps dragging! I’ve decided I am going to post about it in August (hopefully early in the month) so I’m trying to kick myself in to HIGH gear to finish the details. I ordered a few odds and ends from Amazon, and searched around the web and found these amazing hacks (of which I will be doing a few). I thought it would be helpful to share my favorites in this 21 of the Best Laundry Room Hacks, in case you’d like to implement some of them!

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21 of the Best Laundry Room Hacks

Organize your laundry room with this awesome behind the door laundry room storage solution.

This slim rolling cart will give you extra storage in a small laundry room.

Save on space with this DIY laundry room pedestal.


Build your own laundry room counter top with extra storage space underneath.

Or you can build a counter top over your washer and dryer if you have a front loading washer and dryer.

Make moving laundry a breeze by adding wheels to your laundry basket!

Make a custom label for your laundry basket so the whole family can help with separating the laundry. You can also make your own laundry basket liner.

Laundry Room Hanging Solutions

I love this DIY laundry drying rack. This wall mounted one takes up less floor space and looks cute!

How about a DIY wall hanging lint bin? I’ve always thrown away my lint but you could save it as a fire starter for camping.

Do you have vinyl floors in your laundry room? You can paint vinyl floors them to give them a nice updated look on a budget!

This laundry room door update lets in more light. I just love a bright room.

These large clothes pins are cute as laundry room decor but can double as a place to hang your towels to make sure they are completely dry.

Create a place for missing socks so when you find it’s match you know exactly where to go.

These DIY laundry soap dispensers make pouring laundry soap a breeze.

Create a DIY laundry room folding station that folds down to save space.

Add a pop of color to your laundry room with this DIY shelf idea.

Or add color by painting your existing laundry room cabinets.

Or you can build your own custom laundry room cabinets. I love my turquoise cabinets.

Laundry Room Space Saving Solutions

Then add some cute curtains, like these polka dot curtains.

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Laundry room space saver

Laundry Room Space Saver Ideas

Add more storage with tall laundry room shelves that fit your luandry baskets.

Use mason jars to collect items from clothes pockets.

Space Saving Clothes Rack

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