Latinum Star Trek

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This is a fantastic reproduction of the famous Ferengi coin of the frontier used on the series.

Latinum was a valuable liquid metal, commonly stored in suspension in ingots of gold metal. One hundred slips was equal to one strip, and 20 strips equaled a bar of latinum. Gold pressed latinum was accepted as a medium of monetary exchange in many parts of the galaxy.

Made from high quality resin, with only a small amount of work needed to make this ready to paint! This kit comes unpainted, consists of four detailed pieces, which look fantastic displayed, or used for RPG games.. Eclipse enterprise edition cost.

  1. Star Trek Fleet Command's Latinum doesn't come cheap. It is the premium resource in a free to play mobile game, and we all know that none of these are ever cheap. We also know that Star Trek Fleet Command hack can give you free Latinum and make your game much better. You can get up to 10,000 Latinum and do whatever you want with it.
  2. Latinum is a non-replicatable liquid that is used as a currency among many Alpha Quadrant powers, notably the Ferengi Alliance. It is often infused in blocks of gold for handling and transportation. Gold, being worthless, is used probably for its historical associations with wealth and currency.
Latinum Star Trek

Latinum Star Trek

You can get latinum by completing the auxiliary tasks which assigned by the Star Trek faction. But my favorite method to get latinum is to use Star Trek Fleet Command hack. Because this tool will. The Star Trek Latinum Card was a 1998 promotion offered by CIC Video in the United Kingdom in order to encourage customers to purchase more tapes. The promotion took its name from latinum, the currency favored by the Ferengi. Members of the scheme collected latinum tokens, stickers that were given away with the VHS releases of DS9 season 6 and Voyager season 4.