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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 29 October 2020, Nimmi tells Rakhi that Preeta is really beautiful and she seems a cute and traditional girl and Rakhi chooses the right girl for Karan.

She says that even though Karan is married under the right circumstances, whatever happens now. Karan ignores Nimmi and wonders why he feels happy hearing Preeta’s praise and says that this is happening to her for the first time.

Watch Kundali Bhagya 29th October Episode 813 Video Zee Tv Serial Episode Video By Zee5.Kundali Bhagyais An Indian Television Series. The Series Which Will Be Premier On Kundali Bhagya 29th October 2020 at 9:30 PM (IST). Kundali Bhagya 29th October 2020 Written Update: Sanjana plots against Preeta. Team JustShowbiz - October 28, 2020. Follow us on Google News. Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist, on. Kundali Bhagya Written Update 29 October 2020: Karan-Preeta’s Goofy Conversation Under Ghunghat. Karan and Preeta start their “muh-dikhayi” ceremony. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

Sarla says that Preeta will feel bad if no one comes to join her ‘muh duhai’, then Janaki and Sister should leave for Luthra’s house and if she takes a little rest then her fever will also go down. Will go.

Sister says that she will not go anywhere except Sarla. Sarla says that nothing happened to her and says that Preeta must be waiting for them and asks her to go there.

Janaki says that Sarla is right, she will take care of Sarla so Sister should go to Luthra’s house. Sister asks why they are not understanding her and says that she will call Preeta now but Sarla stops her by saying that she will get worried if Preeta comes to know about her fever so that she will now Do not spoil his mood. But Sisti video calls Preeta and informs her about Sarla’s fever and says that she cannot attend her ceremony except Sarla.

Sarla says that she is really fine because due to climate change it is just normal fever and nothing else. Preeta says that they cannot take it lightly and asks Sarli to take care of Sarla.

Sarla tells her to enjoy the ceremony instead of worrying. Preeta tells Sameer that it is her special day but no one is coming from Arora and she feels bad for it.

Sameer says that through the video call he will show everything to Arora, so they do not remember anything and console Preeta.

Sherlyn was remembering her humiliation. Sanjana comes there and says that she has heard about Ramona. Sherlyn says that Mahira also left home because of Rakhi.

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Sanjana asks why she didn’t tell about it. Sherlyn becomes hyper and says that even after what Mahira did she could not defend him in front of Luthra.

Sanjana says that Mahira made a big mistake. Sherlyn says that everything happened because of Sarla, she only took a rakhi against Mahira. She states that due to guilt, Rakhi asks Mahira to leave the house.

Sanjana says that she does not care about Mahira but what will happen to Sherlyn if she comes to know about his truth.

Sherlyn says that she is already stressed and tells her that she should not do it all now. She asks for Preeta, Sarla takes the stand and the result is that Mahira is out of the house and asks her to do something for her so that Preeta can leave the house as well.

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Sanjana says that the situation with Sarala at that time was different, now what can she do for Sherlyn.

Sherlyn yells at him. Sanjana says that so far Sherlyn, Mahira tried hard but now she will do something to get Preeta out of Luthra’s house.

Kareena, Dadi invites guests. Nimmi asks Rakhi whether Kareena changed or still with her old behavior. Rakhi tells him not to do such a thing.

Nimmi meets Kareena teasing Sameer and Rishabh Karan. Rakhi asks Karan to open Preeta’s veil.

Nimmi says that during this ritual the husband has to give a gift to his wife. Karan feels that he does not know about it. Rakhi gives her the ring and asks her to give it to Preeta.

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Karan sneaks into Preeta’s veil and says that he has been getting VIP treatment since morning. She says that everyone is watching what she is doing.

He says that he is talking with her. Guests tease the couple. Kareena feels embarrassed and complains to Daadi about it. Grandma tells him to ignore it. Karan wears him the ring that Rakhi gave him.

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Kundali Bhagya 29 December 2020

Nimmi praises Preeta for her beauty and good and honest character, she mentions that Rakhi has chosen a beautiful life partner for Preeta and that she said bad things about her infront of Karan so that he doesnot feel bad, Nimmi mentions that it is right when they say that couples are made on the heaven, Karan exclaims that it is the first time he is feeling happy when someone is comparing Preeta to him and he is feeling good. Rakhi asks Nimmi to come with her so that they can talk.
Shrishti inquiries from Janki if the fever has reduced, Sarla explains that it will reduce after some time so they should stop checking from time to time as she must rest, she orders that they both go to the function as it would not be right if no one from their side is in the function, Janki also asks Shrishti to leave as she will be on her mother’s side, Shrishti calls Preeta who asks why they are not dressed as she is getting ready for the function, she asks them all to get ready as soon as possible, Sameer also brings the belongings for Karan, she asks him to put them in the cupboard otherwise karan will get mad, Preeta orders that they hurry up, Shrishti explains that they cannot come because Sarla has severe fever and she cannot come after leaving her like this, Preeta orders Shrishti to arrange for all the tests for her mother, Sarla starts making excuses Preeta also orders that she take care of their mother.
Shrishti asks if she is not feeling bad that they would not be able to come, Preeta ends the call, she says to Sameer that she desired that everyone be present at their function because it is her first function in the new house.
Shrishti explains that she has called the doctor who would arrive really soon, she asks Janki to bring some hot water for her mother, hugging Sarla she pleads with her to calm down and rest however Sarla is constantly talking, ordering that she should have gone to the function as it would have been nice for her sister.
Sherlin in her room is worrying about how Preeta challenged her, Sanjana comes asking that she heard Ramona has left the house, Sherlin answers that even Maira has been thrown out of the house, Sanjana asks why did she not tell her, Sherlin mentions that she could not have done anything because what Maira did could not have been corrected as she made a huge mistake,
Sanjana asks why did Maira made such a big mistake, Sherlin explains that it is all the problem of Sarla as she is really clever who blamed Rakhi for all that is wrong in her daughter’s life which caused Rakhi to go on her guilt trip and she ordered Maira and Ramona to leave, Sanjana says that she thinks of what would happen if they all come to know of her truth, Sherlin asks her to stop talking as she is irritating her, Sanjana tries to explain that she should mend her ways as it would ruin her life, Sherlin inquires what has she done for her as Sarla has made everyone believe her words even when no one believes her in the house, still she has been able to make everyone believe her, so if her mother claims that karina is her friend then she should make sure that Preeta leaves the house as she doesnot like her, Sanjana tries to explain that what Sarla did was the moment of the situation, Sherlin explains that Preeta scolded her but still her mother was not able to do anything, Sanjana asks her to stop talking as she will do what no one has ever done and would make suyre Preeta is not able to survive in the house, She explains the plan then orders Sherlin to get ready for the function because the guests are arriving.
Dadi and Karina are greeting the guests, they greet Ranuka who has come to attend the function of Preeta, Karina is not able to forget that Nimmi had created a scene in the past. She doesnot even listen to Dadi who tries to calm her down, but karina doesnot listen to anything.
Nimmi is with Rakhi when Rano aunty also comes, they both say that they would make sure that everyone is not busy in their affairs and only listen to them, Rakhi goes to bring Preeta.
Rishab from a distance is looking when Nimmi and Karina are talking, Rishab explains that they both had a quarrel and now they are talking with such grace.
Sameer points at karan who has arrived, Rishab says that it is not something to be so eager for, Karan comes blaming Rishab that he has changed a lot, Rishab asks what he is talking about so Karan answers that before he used to wake Karan but now when he was going for practice everyone was sleeping, Rishab mentions that before he was a bachelor but now is married so he is sure Preeta would take care of him. he responds that she has taken care of him.
Rakhi brings Preeta then asks dadi to start the rituals however Rano mentions that in these modern times couple can finalize the function, so she asks Karan to sit with Preeta and even scolds him when he refuses to go sit by him, Nimmi asks why did he not bring any gift for Preeta, karan mentions that he has given her his life to her, which makes everyone burst into laughter, he gets worried, Rakhi explains that she has brought a gift on his place then asks him to present the ring, then he lifts the veil asking what does she mix in the food because everyone is busy in caring for her and even he has started caring for her, he explains that he was forced to go and sleep on the balcony, Preeta says that whatever he said was because of his own fault and even if all the good things are happening with her then what is her fault, Karan says that it is not his mistake, they are quarrelling while everyone else is laughing.
Rano asks Nimmi what is being discussed Infront of everyone, they both discuss that what used to happen behind the door should happen in front of everyone, Karina exclaims why did Preeta pull karan inside, Dadi exclaims that it was karan, Rishab says that karan should not have done this, Sameer exclaims that if they both are happy why is he so worried.
Karan places the ring in finger of Preeta, she is amazed after looking at it so also looks at Karan. Mercury task chair.


Precap: Preeta says that what if she has won the game the ball still belongs to him so she will bring it, she starts walking but is shocked to see Maira standing there with the ball.

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