Ki Engage Task Chair

B8 Engage OPS-B8 Engage – $429 List Price Features: Arm pads adjust inward/outward and upward/downward Back rest tilt angle adjustment at 90º, 100º, and 110º Ratchet back Seat height and tension adjustment Seat slider Dark gray mesh seat and back Warranty Info: Open Plan Systems offers a lifetime warranty for the Elevation Series seating, which covers all chair components including. All of the KI task chairs, conference chairs and guest seating solutions for sale here include free shipping for added value. In addition to KI seating, we're proud to offer new KI tables, file cabinets, and desks at over 50% off retail. Need help selecting KI furniture for your business?

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Student Task Chair

(Shipping only available for Wisconsin and Illinois) • Adjustable Arm • Lateral Arm Adjustment • Adjustable Back Height • Sliding Seat Pan • Adjustable Seat Height • Tilt Lock We have discovered that men and women sit very differently. Most men have a tendency to sit on the back of their ischial tuberosities (“sit-bones”), while most women tend to sit on the top or rolled slightly forward of these “sit-bones” – in other words more upright and forward in their chairs. Morley allows for this fundamental difference. This Pelvic Balance Point® (PBP) design technology allows you to adjust your positioning on the seat in relationship to the backrest for optimum support and comfort. The T1-L5 Free Shoulders® shape of Morley’s backrest supports the natural curve of your spine – lumbar and thoracic. It also provides a more beneficial shape for your shoulder blades when you recline. It allows you to release yourself from the “hunched-shoulder” position you can too-easily fall into when you are constantly keying or mousing. Your chest expands and you can breathe more air into your lungs 8411 Knitback, Syncro-tilt, Casters, Pneumatic Height Adjustment, Adjustable Back Height, Ajustable Urethane Arms W 26.5' D 27.5' H 37.5–43.5'

The goal of office ergonomics is to design your office work station so that it fits you and allows for a comfortable working environment for maximum productivity and efficiency. Harper's Office Ergonomics program is through Environmental Health & Safety.

Visit this link to review our Office Ergonomics Webpage.

Ki Engage Task Chair

Did you know that the chair you are sitting on might be adjustable? The two main office chairs that we have on campus are the KI Engage chair and the Steelcase Criterion chair.

Drafting Chair

An additional chair has been added, called the FourC Task Chair from KI.

Depending on which type of chair you are sitting in, there are many different ways on how to adjust them to better fit you. Chair features include:

  • Tilt Tension - Increase or decrease the ability to lean the chair back
  • Seat Slide - The seat pan can move in and out, to support the thighs
  • Back Height - The back of the chair can move up and down, adjusting the lumbar support
  • Seat Height - The height of the chair is adjustable
  • Armrest Adjustability - The armrests will move up and down. The KI chair's armrests pivot and the Steelcase chair armrests will adjust in width.

Remember to maintain a neutral position, meaning:

  • Your feet should be flat on the floor, if not then use a footrest.
  • Your knees, hips, shoulders and elbows should all be at a relaxed 90-degree angle
  • The mouse should be next to the key board
  • The top of the monitor should be at or a little below eye level, so you are looking down at the screen.

Ki Engage Chair

Do you work at the computer and use a phone at the same time? If so, you might benefit from using a phone headset. Tekni plex india pvt. ltd. Do you do a lot of computer entry from paperwork? If so, maybe you should use a document holder. If you do not already have one of these items and feel that you would benefit from having it, talk with your supervisor.

Ki Task Chairs

For more helpful tips about your workstation, view our Ergonomic Procedure.

Task Chair Walmart

Or, if you are still having trouble with your chair, schedule an Ergonomic Evaluation today by contacting [email protected] or dialing extension x6929. Environmental Health staff will stop by and help adjust your workstation.