Kelly Clarkson Aurora Task Chair

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At the beginning of 2020, the majority of people thought that a work from home setup was temporary. A year after that, the same mode of working is implemented. It has probably dawned on you that WFH is the new normal which means that you now need to invest in an office chair instead of lounging on a couch. It will make you accomplish work-related tasks more comfortably. If you are looking for something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, why not consider accent chairs?

Accent chairs are a great addition to your home because aside from having a soft cushion to sit on for hours, they can also drastically change the place’s appearance. Since its primary concern is to add visual interest, it can help you get rid of a boring and monotone space. Take a look at the top 10 accent chairs below that are perfect for your home office!

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  1. Linon draper swivel chair

Do you find products with animal print attractive or you are the type of person who wants to make everything appear simple? If you are the former, then this swivel chair covered with cow prints is for you. It is not hard to maintain since it is made out of easy-to-clean polyester fabric. It is originally priced at $193.77 but there are times that it can be as low as $156.99. The tip is to always visit online stores because they have seasonal discounts and offers. You can choose from three colors, namely light cow print, black and white cow print, or brown and white cow print. It has a classic square back that makes it look elegant. It is adjustable so it can work well with any desk height.

  1. Kelly Clarkson Velvet Task Chair

A lot of people claim that a vibrant color can increase a person’s productivity and efficiency. If you want to prove this theory, then buy this Kelly Clarkson Task chair. It has a vibrant retro style that can add personality to your home office. Aside from its eye-catching statement, it has an extremely comfortable cushion surface. In this way, you will no longer experience any discomfort when working for a long period. If you are eyeing this chair, you have to secure yourself with $229.00 but if you avail of its promo, it can be as low as $154.99. It has a maximum capacity of 50 lbs and its swivel and height are adjustable.

  1. Mirabella Chair

This Mirabella chair has an attractive soft ocean blue finish that can improve the ambiance in your home office. Its legs are made out of gold wood which best compliments the blue finish. It is large enough to support you during long hours of working. Its wraparound curvaceous design will entice you in finishing your work backlogs. When you purchase this product, there is no need to assemble it. You can take pride that your office chair is uniquely handmade. If you are willing to splurge a large amount of money to experience a one-of-a-kind working experience, then buy this Mirabella chair. It costs $1 928.86. For more variety of options, shop online at YFS.

  1. DeinDekor Backrest Office Chair

The DeinDekor office chair has a soft and smooth velour finish that can fit both in a modern and traditional-themed home office. The primary concern that the manufacturer of this chair addressed is the need to provide furniture that can maintain the proper posture of its users. With its rest-back design handcrafted in Germany, you will no longer experience back and neck pains while seated. This feature is what most people loved about this chair. It is best for those with facing health issues when working even in a short time. It comes in a variety of colors so choose the one that will best complement the interior of your office. Despite its high functionality and unique aesthetic appeal, it is sold only at $216.12. It gives people with lower wages the chance to enjoy working in the comforts of their own homes.


Kelly Clarkson Aurora Task Chairs

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Lourdes Task Chair

The sudden shift to remote working made both employers and employees face challenges. The majority of them suffer from extreme head, shoulders, lower back, and butt pains. To combat these inconveniences, buy now any of the four accent chairs above!