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From 31st October (2pm GMT) till 3rd November (9am GMT):

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At 1st November :

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  1. War Thunder; Armored Warfare; Search for: Search. World of Tanks – Super Conq Karelia Analysis. January 17, 2018 World of Tanks 14:49. 2,547 views (187 votes.
  2. The Winter War against Finland had revealed many shortcomings in the Red Army and, in the following months, much work was done to improve the quality of the Army’s personnel and equipment. On paper the Red Army of the summer of 1941 was a formidable force; in practice, there were still grave deficiencies which would be ruthlessly exposed.
  3. Karelia Location: Karelia, pre-war Finland (now Karelia, modern-day Russia) Located in Karelia, Finland before World War II, nowadays modern-day Russia; Karelia is composed of a large deep canyon to the east, a rocky hill at the middle, and an open terrain to the west, the latter of which can be navigated through paths concealed by trees.

At 2nd November :

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Many of our players remember their first fight in War Thunder. For some of you, it was a clumsy take-off in the German He.51 biplane from an airfield in Realistic Battles. Others will never forget their first clash on the sluggish, but quick-firing T-26 among the rocky highlands of Karelia. Some of you opened your personal kill score back to a time where there weren’t any tank battles and far less gaming modes, a time where War Thunder was just starting to conquer players’ hearts.

Today we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of our project. To this day, we have introduced a huge amount of changes to the game: new gaming modes and locations have been added to War Thunder, player-controlled ground forces appeared, the progression system was changed and improved significantly, hundreds of new vehicles were added to the hangar. But there is something that remains unchanged, it’s the persistence of our developers to continue to find ways to make War Thunder more interesting, more versatile, and to ultimately make it better. Sweetwater office chairs.

War Thunder is now much different from any other existing air or ground combat simulator. The virtual battlefields of War Thunder gather hundreds of precisely modelled aircraft and ground vehicles in fierce combat. Over the past two years of the open beta-test, we have done our best and have worked as hard as we could, and this is just the beginning! We’re looking forward to further expanding and improving the air and ground vehicle components of the game, and we can’t wait for naval battles!

Many of our players will soon be able to recall their first fight whilst driving American tanks, as their release becomes imminent. Meanwhile, the development team will continue to better the War Thunder experience and will continue to surprise you over and over again!

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