Jitsi Meet Pdf

Jitsi Meet Pdf

Install & Config

Discussions related to installation and configuration of all Jitsi products, including Meet. If you have a question on installation packages, building from source, environment specifics, or any of Jitsi’s configuration files and options then it belongs here.


Discussions related to developing with the Jitsi codebase and architectural questions. Search here for bugs, to ask how the the various systems work, or post new issues. If you have a bug or issue related to a specific piece of code or repo, please create an issue in the appropriate github repo.


Discussion related to the Meet UI, Meet features, Meet use cases, the meet.jit.si app, and basic usage of Jitsi products intended for end users. These discussions will tend to be less technical than those in Install & Config and Developers.

Product Requests and Ideas

Have a new feature or product idea you would like to see implemented - post and discuss it here! This is intended for more general ideas and new features as opposed to enhancements/fixes of existing capabilities (use Users) or requests related to developer issues (see Dev)

Jitsi Desktop

Discussion on the Jitsi Desktop app (formerly known as Jitsi SIP Communicator).


This category will serve to annouce any security related topics concerning Jitsi Meet.


The home for Jitsi-related news and announcements.

Forum Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


These are messages from prior to June 1, 2017 ported from our prior Users and Dev lists. This is a good place to search for past discussions.

Jitsi Meet Online

Figure 6 Jitsi Meet page ( ) Figure 7 Device permissions dialog Starting a Meeting Web Portal: 1. Go to or click on START A CALL if you are on the. Jitsi on mobile – download our apps and start a meeting from anywhere. Hello, Slack fans! Very pleased to meet you! There's no need to create an account. Connect your calendar to view all your meetings in Jitsi Meet. Plus, add Jitsi meetings to your calendar and start them with one click. Connect your calendar. Jitsi as a Service. Title: Microsoft Word - Handleiding Jitsi Meet.docx Author: Leo Bijvoet Created Date: 6/1/2020 1:33:03 PM.

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