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Subscribe for our new videos: Meet SDK source: documentation: https://github.com/jitsi/. Free video conferencing app. Jitsi Meet is one of the emerging video conferencing apps today. It is an open-source communication software that is free, easy to use, and requires little to no onboarding. It encrypts all your calls and does not sell your data. As a bonus, you don’t need an account to start using the app. Simplified video.

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Jitsi surpasses 20 million monthly active users!
Jitsi as a Service solution is released by 8x8.


8x8 acquires the Jitsi Technology and team from Atlassian. Jitsi now powers all 8×8 Video Meetings and continues to grow in the heart of many successful initiatives


Atlassian acquires Blue Jimp, making a long-term investment in keeping Jitsi open source, community-based, and pushing the envelope of great video conferences.


Using a prototype from Philipp Hancke as a basis, the Jitsi community starts the Jitsi Meet project: a Web Conferencing application that rivals Hangouts and Skype


Jitsi’s video routing capabilities are extracted in a separate server application and Jitsi Videobridge is born. Later this year Jitsi Videobridge adds support for ICE and DTLS/SRTP, thus becoming compatible with WebRTC clients. This is a first step to its importance in today’s WebRTC ecosystem.


Jitsi adds video conferencing capabilities based on the concept of routing video streams. The client of the conference organizer acts as a video router.


SIP Communicator is renamed Jitsi (from the Bulgarian “жици”, or “wires”), since it now also supports audio and video over XMPP’s Jingle extensions and it would be silly to still call it SIP Communicator.


Emil Ivov and Yana Stamcheva found the Blue Jimp company, which employs Jitsi’s main contributors. They offer professional support and development services.


SIP Communicator gets its first end-to-end encryption through ZRTP


We get our own Wikipedia entry. Look out, world.


SIP communicator is completely rearchitected, adopting a new OSGi based design to make it easier to write plugins for the project.


Emil Ivov, a student at the University of Strasbourg, France, creates SIP Communicator. He also teaches salsa and West Coast swing.

The Jitsi Meet iOS SDK provides the same user experience as the Jitsi Meet app,in a customizable way which you can embed in your apps.

Sample applications using the SDK

If you want to see how easy integrating the Jitsi Meet SDK into a native application is, take a look at thesample applications repository.


There are 2 ways to integrate the SDK into your project:

Jitsi meeting app is video conferencing and online teaching app.This app is alternative of zoom app. I will explain her: How to install jitsi meet on android? How to use Jitsi on android? Jitsi Meet lets you stay in touch with all your teams, be they family, friends, or colleagues. Instant video conferences, efficiently adapting to your scale. Unlimited users: There are no artificial restrictions on the number of users or conference participants. Server power and bandwidth are the only limiting factors. No account needed. Mobile App Development & iPhone Projects for $1500 - $3000. Deliverable is an iOS(only) app that allows a user to join a video conference session with up to 35 users where each user automatically records a high-quality clip of their personal video and audio wh.

  • Using CocoaPods
  • Building it yourself

Using CocoaPods

The recommended way for using the SDK is by using CocoaPods. In order todo so, add the JitsiMeetSDK dependency to your existing Podfile or createa new one following this example:

Replace JitsiMeetSDKTest with your project and target names.

Bitcode is not provided in the prebuilt SDK, so turn it off for your project.

The SDK uses Swift code, so make sure you select Always Embed Swift Standard Librariesin your project.

Since the SDK requests camera and microphone access, make sure to include therequired entries for NSCameraUsageDescription and NSMicrophoneUsageDescriptionin your Info.plist file.

In order for app to properly work in the background, select the 'audio' and 'voip'background modes.

Last, since the SDK shows and hides the status bar based on the conference state,you may want to set UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance to NO in yourInfo.plist file.

Building it yourself

  1. Install all required dependencies.

  2. Build it:

After successfully building Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS, the 2 resulting XCFrameworks will be in the ios/sdk/out directory.


JitsiMeet is an iOS framework which embodies the whole Jitsi Meet experience andmakes it reusable by third-party apps.

To get started:

  1. Add a JitsiMeetView to your app using a Storyboard or Interface Builder,for example.

  2. Then, once the view has loaded, set the delegate in your controller and loadthe desired URL:

JitsiMeetView class

The JitsiMeetView class is the entry point to the SDK. It a subclass ofUIView which renders a full conference in the designated area.


Property to get/set the JitsiMeetViewDelegate on JitsiMeetView.


Joins the conference specified by the given options.

Jitsi iphone app store


Leaves the currently active conference.


The localParticipant leaves the current conference.


Sets the state of the localParticipant audio muted according to the muted parameter.


Sends a message via the data channel to one particular participant or to all of them.If the to param is empty, the message will be sent to all the participants in the conference.

In order to get the participantId, the PARTICIPANT_JOINED event should be listened for,which data includes the id and this should be stored somehow.

Laravel virtual host xampp

Universal / deep linking

In order to support Universal / deep linking, JitsiMeet offers 2 classmethods that you app's delegate should call in order for the app to follow thoselinks.

If these functions return NO it means the URL wasn't handled by the SDK. Thisis useful when the host application uses other SDKs which also use linking.

And also one of the following:


This delegate is optional, and can be set on the JitsiMeetView instance usingthe delegate property.

It provides information about the conference state: was it joined, left, did itfail?

All methods in this delegate are optional.



Called when a conference was joined.

The data dictionary contains a 'url' key with the conference URL.



Called when a conference was terminated either by user choice or due to afailure.

The data dictionary contains an 'error' key with the error and a 'url' keywith the conference URL. If the conference finished gracefully no errorkey will be present.

Jitsi App Ios Screen Sharing


Called before a conference is joined.

The data dictionary contains a 'url' key with the conference URL.


Called when entering Picture-in-Picture is requested by the user. The app shouldnow activate its Picture-in-Picture implementation (and resize the associatedJitsiMeetView. The latter will automatically detect its new size and adjustits user interface to a variant appropriate for the small size ordinarilyassociated with Picture-in-Picture.)

The data dictionary is empty.


Called when a participant has joined the conference.

The data dictionary contains information of the participant that has joined.Depending of whether the participant is the local one or not, some of them arepresent/missing.isLocalemailnameparticipantId


Called when a participant has left the conference.

The data dictionary contains information of the participant that has left.Depending of whether the participant is the local one or not, some of them arepresent/missing.isLocalemailnameparticipantId


Called when audioMuted state changed.

The data dictionary contains a muted key with state of the audioMuted for the localParticipant.


Called when an endpoint text message is received.

The data dictionary contains a senderId key with the participantId of the sender and a message key with the content.



JitsiMeetView will automatically adjust its UI when presented in aPicture-in-Picture style scenario, in a rectangle too small to accommodate its'full' UI.

Jitsi Meet SDK does not currently implement native Picture-in-Picture on iOS. Ifdesired, apps need to implement non-native Picture-in-Picture themselves andresize JitsiMeetView.

If delegate implements enterPictureInPicture:, the in-call toolbar willrender a button to afford the user to request entering Picture-in-Picture.

Dropbox integration

To setup the Dropbox integration, follow these steps:

Jitsi Ios App Not Working

  1. Add the following to the app's Info.plist and change <APP_KEY> to yourDropbox app key:

Jitsi Iphone App Store

  1. Make sure your app calls the Jitsi Meet SDK universal / deep linking delegate methods.