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Comm 215 midterm. I'd guess Jitsi Meet uses some kind of WebKit View component on iOS, that probably uses the Webkit version also used in Safari, because no app is allowed to embed their own (updated) browser engine. For the iPad 2, an old version of WebKit, released almost 5 years ago. Learn more about Jitsi, a free open-source video conferencing software for web & mobile. Make a call, launch on your own servers, integrate into your app, and more.

Hi all,

We setup a jitsi-meet server on aws with latest source and it is working flawlessly on browsers. Now we want to compile mobile apps for both android and ios. We successfully compiled Android app and run on simulator. But compiled ios app from recent source connects to session but cannot send or receive any video or audio. Please see attached images for reference. We tried this on meet.jit.si to eliminate any server side configuration issues. So we just downloaded the jitsi-meet’s recent repo (commit e0563a7). Did all steps for compiling in ios mentioned in the guide and just changed the signing team info and bundle identifier. We tested this on a iOS 13 iPhoneX device and several simulators but it is all same. We are compiling this on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4 with Xcode Version 11.4. iPhone X os version is 13.3.

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Any help would be appreciated