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The gay-transvestite jitsi video chat room. High quality web cam chat and video sharing in a browser window. The @12462:274:Gruppo Rainbow Trento is a protected space where LGBT+ people (homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc. ) and their family and friends can meet, tell, confront, support, exchange experiences.

Relaxing on your sofa

Join Skip for another evening on the sofa watching a selection of gay shorts.

There will be 10 films to watch, ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes and it should take about 90 minutes to get through them all. There are a few international films in the selection (Cantonese, Spanish and German), so have your spectacles ready for the subtitles!

Grab a glass of wine and some popcorn and tune in!

Jitsi gays

How do we watch?

The event will be run as a group video chat via Jitsi. You may need to have a separate tab open to watch a film on Youtube, just in case Jitsi isn't playing nicely on the day.

For the best experience it is recommended running this on a laptop or PC, but you can watch on a phone by clicking the links sent at each start time. A Jitsi link will be sent in the pre-event message on the day of the event.

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Image credits: All images Pixabay public domain fee use.

What to bring

Laptop or computer, preferably connected to your TV for easier viewing.

Food & drink

Meeting & times


Jitsi Gay

Hello all!

Jitsi Gaya

I apologize in advance if such a question already exists, but I searched for a long time and did not find. that something similar was here https://community.jitsi.org/t/jitsi-dev-get-number-of-current-rooms-and-participants-from-prosody/13266, but I’m not quite sure what I understood as the right way to do it

Jitsi Gays

Slim task chair furniture. Is it possible to get the whole list of rooms with their names through Api or some other way (and how exactly)? I’m building an application in iframe that is installed on our server with token authentication